Body improvement # 7

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 20th of August 2008 12:29:38 PM


Joe Grodis
Sure I'm sure we'd all love to have this work of "art" in our gallery/

Gallego Caldas Jordi
Perfectas luces y excelente composicion. Muy acertado el cortar parte de la cabeza. Saludos.

Spider Seventy one
That body needs improvement?! Guess my glasses are blurred! Very well done photo, like so many of your other photos! Best regards.

Juan C Lopez-Johnston
Igor: something that is definitely an unique approach about the subject JC

Steve Bingham
I think you are a great photographer that is trying way too hard to produce something "different". It shows, unfortunately. Perhaps if you could have less "staged" images it would help. You certainly have the skill, however you are letting your "skill" over-ride the emotional content of the image. Your lighting and other skills are excellent - it is simply that your images look a bit too contrived - too polished. Oh, I know, I am NOT there either, but I can see that YOU could be. Perhaps if you could loosen up a bit? Just one man's honest opinion (rare of this forum). Keep shooting - it keeps you alive.

Greg F
This is a good image. When I view it my eyes go from the knife to her face. I guess I want to expression on the model's face. I'm looking for something dramatic.

Michael Hammitte
This shot is framed very well and skin tones with this b/w work wonderfully in the shot. The mist across her body really adds interest to the shot.

Raman Sud
I love this picture.. however, the way the model is holding the knife and shaving upwards... Shouldn't the blade be on the other side of the knife or the blade in the left hand?

Michael Sulka

Well Done!

Igor Amelkovich
Body improvement # 7 Don`t use this subject in this direction!

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