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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 20th of May 2002 07:17:28 PM


John Peri
This wonderul young lady is 3 months pregnant again. I photographed her again today and will continue to do so at regular intervals throughout the remaining months .....

Michael C Edwards
Comfortable A beautiful photo of a beautiful lady. Per the subject matter, I find pregnancy, and a pregnant woman's body, something to celebrate and to be proud of, not hide. Technically, I like the contrast of the white column and railing to her skin color and the darker parts of the photo. In looking at a lot of your other photos, I see critics saying that there is "too much of this in the background" or "too much of that in the foreground,etc." In those other photos, I just don't see it or agree with them. It's like they want all photography to be sterile - subject and plain background - I find that unnatural and boring, not good photography. But in this photo, I probably could have done without the cross thingy on the railing. It does tend to cover her up a bit and there is no need to do so. Great Photos! MCE

Agata Rados
oh, sorry, i didn't understand you well :( did she? she is so beautiful, I mean both her body and her face! Really wonderful..

Agata Rados
in 3rd month pregnant her belly wouldn't be so big! she would be totally flat! i think this is at least 5th or 6th!!!! :))

John Peri
You are quite right Agata. What I was saying is that she was once again pregnant when I posted this picture. In fact this in not five months at all. It is ten days before she gave birth.

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