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Published: Sunday 19th of May 2002 11:57:33 PM


Alberto Conde
9 and 9 Fantastic shot! Isn't it slightly out of focus?

victor bentzvi
i love this photo very much. simple and expressive.

Janie Lamott
My New York Agent Okay, John, I don't know how you got this photo of my New York Agent, but it's very impressive. I think this is the single most important reason why he isn't out there selling my work--getting me gallery shows! He's obviously doing far too much sailing. Perhaps you can help me out here... Is he anywhere near the arctic? Is he after my seal? Don't get me started...

John Peri
Janie, considering that I took this in student days, he's probably retired! Find another agent!

Paul Mocey-Hanton
I like how it is out of focus. I think it adds a sense of motion and emotion. If it were in focus it might seem a bit too calm for the subject.

David de Orueta
its still there... In my opinion this is a 7/7 masterpiece; I would love to have it hanging on my wall, and it has that rare quality in a photo, that even days after I have seen it, I close my eyes and its still there. It also is one of the very few photos that I have seen that actually gains by being out of focus. Even if the next photo on the role of film was the same photo but sharp, I probably would still prefer this one. I think that you show a lot of courage by selecting this photo, and show that you master the art of selection and auto critique so very well.

Devoid Atelier

Gorgeous portrait of a man caught in a transitory moment, the face conveys a concentration that reiterates the photographers. 

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