Exciting ballet # 7

by Amelkovich Igor

exciting ballet carl zeiss planar mm f hasselblad cw chelyabinsk amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 15th of August 2008 11:57:20 AM


Igor Amelkovich
Thank for criticism. If I shall care about all details, then process of shooting will be destroyed. :)

Beate Pischl
For me, it's one more image, which is shining out! Great job!

Les Berkley
Dynamic pose, perfect model. I'll even forgive the slight green tone.

Glenn Rasmussen
A very striking nude! I think even without the sickle it would still be striking. Your lighting is beautifully controlled providing excellent tonality and density. Excellent work!

John Keiffer
Since you always get glowing critiques (even from me), I thought I'd post up some constructive comments. Her left butt check ruins the line of her right. Should have had her turn ever so slightly more to make that go away. I don't care for the way her arms is coming out from between her breasts. The lines and contours of her chest are broken up too much this way. Again, I bet a slight turn in the model toward the camera would have taken care of that. I little more finger and hand definition would probably have been better too, for her left hand.

anthony boudreau
Exciting ballet # 7 beautiful combo of both beauty and danger, very nice pose and wicked tones and lines

Yves Pichon
One more excellent BW nude. Very good composition. A slightly larger image would be nice. Cheers. Yves P.

Juan-P. Martinez

As I mentioned before Your Black and white work is amazing, BUT this is by far the most artistic/creative pose I've ever seen from you, The model did an excellent job, its as if the scythe is lifting her off the ground.


 The whole image/subject flows very nicely from the curve of the lighter gray scythe to the tips of her white (or pink?) ballet shoes.

Very very great photograph.

Igor Amelkovich
Exciting ballet # 7 Becomes dangerous now!

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