by Stinnett Monte

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Published: Thursday 31st of July 2008 04:18:31 AM


El Porte-Bonheur
This is extraordinary. Great, perfect color harmony in both, object and bg. Two big ones and regards, El

Nima Koochak Shooshtari
Hi Nice captured, and so lovely bird you've captured, I don't know it's name but I really like thids kind of bird. greetings. Nima

Lawrence Paiken
Hi Monte....awesome shot with exceptional detail....congrats on capturing this bird stationary...very rare. 7/7

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte
Wonderful shot. :-)

Joan Newhall
Great detailing on the feathers. A beautiful bird.

Eric Gerber
Great hummer shot, love the detail.

Alberto Quintal
Monte Beautiful and lovely. Alberto

Andrei Malashenko
Hi Monte Once again amazing detail. I prefer your colors as they are richer and more realistic.Great work! 7/7All the best, Andrei

Gallego Caldas Jordi
Perfecta composicion y colores. Los primeros son los buenos. Saludos.

Richard Cox
I also perfer the original. And congrats on getting one of these hummers sitting.

Linh Dinh
Another great hummer image! Perfect pose and very beautiful light, colors. Max. Best regards.

Nezif Tamson
very good composition colours and timing..congrat

Monte Stinnett
10:00 in the morning. I think my colors are more accurate, the red in the background is reddish leaves of bush. You have put kind of a greenish cast on wings and a flesh/pink color to the breast. But, I do appreciate your opinion

Birte Ragland
Too much pink in the edited version, I prefer the original,beautiful shot.

Leroy Laverman
Great detail Monte. The colors seem a bit off to me. Was this late (or early) in the day? How about the attached version for different look.

David Schindler
Monte-I know your colors are correct...I've shot lots of Anna's(although they haven't been around much this summer.) 7/ 6

Rueda Palomares Agustin
Maravillosa imagen. Saludos.

Ramon Romero
Excellent image, very clear(bright) and with nice colors. Saludos.7/7

João Pereira de Lacerda Filho
Wow , what a fantastic shot. I do like your point of view on keeping it without altering the colors and light. best regards

T Yarbrough
Monte, this is really nice. I think I like the edited image is a bit better. Congrats! Tony.

Susan Wolfe
This is wonderful. My hummingbird photos often include the cheap plastic and glass feeders. Do you feed or have lots of flowers?

Monte Stinnett
This wasn't taken in my yard. If you use feeders get the ones without perches, then just crop out the feeder.

Monte Stinnett
ana's hummer View larger

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