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Published: Thursday 31st of July 2008 03:03:51 AM


John Crosley
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Adan Wong
She has an engaging expression. Her eyes convey a certain playfulness that feels challenging.

John Crosley
The name of the photo studio? McDonald's. Kyiv's most central hamburger store, Khreshatyk Ave. -- the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest anywhere in in Eastern Europe except Moscow. Lighting: Fluorescent, overhead, available light. Manipulation: None, except deliberate underexposure and post processing in Photoshop to lessen contrast and underexpose darker areas while emphasizing her eyes. Taken: During a brief break after a brief hamburger for me. Iced tea and muffin for her. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
This is a black and white capture, but her eyes are a deep blue -- blue-grey, very similar to mine. And yes, she is able to model as a playful woman. Interestingly, this is taken with a 17~55 lens at rather close quarters, rather than the long and super-long lens that Philip Greenspun tells us that fashion photographers tend to prefer. In perusing this service one finds that at a minimum a 50 mm on a reduced format sensor is the minimum one should consider for a portrait and 85 mm is considered very good, but Philip Greenspun tells us that fashion photographers in Miami Beach (with a photo to illustrate) use superlong lenses, and shows us one using a 600 mm to photograph his model (using a two-way radio or cell phone to communicate with his assistant because he's so far away). I doubt if the 17~55 zoom ever got to 50 mm zoom length on this one -- she was quite close, and while Greenspun emphasizes a good point -- de-emphasize the nose, that is accomplished here by simply eliminating shadows both by using a high key exposure and eliminating shadows from the nose. In essence, one is completely unaware that the nose may be outsize (also her nose is quite small anyway). Thanks for the feedback. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Nina This is Nina, a model and fledgling photographer. Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your superior photographic knowledge to help me improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! John

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