New BusinessMan

by Kurt Bob

new businessman nikon d nikkor mm f af seeking c kurt bob

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Published: Sunday 27th of July 2008 02:13:17 AM


Mario Baldaccini
Perfect...very nice and crazy, great work !!!

Crina-Paula P.
Just great!!!! :)

Maurizio Moro
Clever capture!...Ciaomau!

Nick Jeftic
Outstanding photo of one of our world's wonders.

Borut Primožič
hi Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Amitai Schwartz
This is amazing.

Mike Mancil

B McManus
I thought Howard Hughes passed? I think he is checking his stock portfolio, or possibly rating your photos!

Ahmet Gurses
... good composition ...

Steve B.
Where does he keep his IPod and cell phone?

Dale L
That's a great capture - are we really that wired up? I don't even have a laptop and I program for a living LoL

Sigmar Pietsch
I guess this is how the "other half lives". Great shot. Captivating. Emotional shot. Congrats. Regards - Sigmar

Niels Christian Roe
Marvellous story,,,yes now there is no longer any excuse for not being waching you on PN,,, Bob,,,best niels

Floriana Barbu
For me this is POW !!!

El Porte-Bonheur
Mobile, open air office, no jacket and tie required, comfortable working position... folks - what you need more???!!! Great shot, Kurt 7/7 and regards, El

Michael Raddatz
Terrific work, Bob!

Rakesh Syal
Hey, Bob!! 7/7!! Great find and capture! I simply love your point of view on this image, Congratulations!! Warm regards and blessings, Rakesh

Leon Forado
shocking and surprising. Good document

Teresa Zafon
Great shot, poignant and interesting.

Mary Dineen
i wonder if you'd ask him to do my taxes.

Stephen Angel
Like your style,good stuff,regards,Steve

Drew Murphy
Excellent work Bob. This photo tells an interesting story and most certainly is a "sign of the times".

Ram Thakur
Great! Bob, I have returned to PN after a very long time and I am thrilled to see you posting such fantastic work. This is the most eloquent portrait I have ever seen. It is an epic image, man!

PNF Photography
moving image...

Ken Beilman
Great eye for this one, Bob, and love the caption. Well done!

Mehmet Akin
hello very good shot...congrats

Dominick Clos
:-) Excellent! Great journalistic catch!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
very good documentary shot

gianpiero esposito
very original, well done.... ciao

Marco Serio
The future of ceos? Well captured; i like it very much!

Bob Kurt
Thank you everyone so much for taking the time to comment :)

Nassos Zambaras
A great street shot, yet again! Very well done! Regards, Nassos

Bilal Zaheer
one of the strongest statements i've seen on PN in a long time. you've got to submit it for plitzer, seriously. and I hope you dont mind if I send it to all my fellow IT professionals too :) this picture is an instant icon.

Alberto Quintal
Excellent!!! 10/10. Alberto

Keith Lancaster
Great journalistic shot..Wonderful "Catch" Bob!!

Tiffany Brook

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Preciosa imagen , un bello encuadre, Excelente idea, Saludos Bob.

Linh Dinh
Great one! Best regards.

Pnina Evental
Bob, very unusual jaxtaposition of street life. Very strong and bizarre " portrait" of using advanced technology in an environement of that sort, Great eye to observe the scene and well composed.

Tony Hadley
Amazing to see but not surprising. Well done - I have seen a few like this but never with a computer. Would this be close to Bonaventure or the Gray Hound bus station?

Brad Kim
What a capture! Great shot, Bob!

John Crosley
WONDERFUL!!!! And Priceless Capture. John (Crosley)

Juan Carlos Bretschneider
Personally I've always thought about good street photography being so appealing because it never tells you the whole story, sometimes even having more than one lecture, being multidimensional, if you will; that being said, your picture is all that. Congratulations on a wonderful job!

Elena Spirito
BOB! amazing! ciao Elena

Cynthia Jean
Bob Great Ad for Dell :o). Sad situation though. Great image as always. Take care

Karolos Trivizas
UNIQUE STREET IMAGE Really excellent documentary street image Bob with impact and beautiful natural colors. A great find well spotted and captured. Congrats.

Aaron Bratkovics
awesome shot =)

Jatinder S. Keith
Statement On Our Time The caption appears to be satire. He certainly is not a businessman using a laptop for his business. The laptop appears to be in a better state than rest of his possessions. His posture and the body language indicate that it is not a set up photograph. The image keeps me guessing what this man is doing with the laptop. This picture however is certainly a statement on our times - the technology of the day and its reach. It is what a transistor radio was in the hands of a farm laborer in seventies.

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte
Great shot Bob. Sci-Fi. Regards

Joseph Tury
I'm very confused. Great shot Bob.

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 Excellent and unique capture. Great work, bravo!

Tatjana Adizes
:) Fantastic!

Bora Benic wishess.BoraBenic

Ronda Sliter
Very interesting image, I wonder what he is doing on the laptop is he connected to the net or playing a game or what? oh well it does make me very glad I refuse to allow my daughter to chat in chat rooms on the internet! Great capture! Thank you for the feed back on my Lady Bug photo.

Ognian Radoslavov
! Techno

Ines Lojna Funtak
"Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what You gonna get!" Great! Ines

Joseph Sage
This picture is awesome on multiple levels! All the Best! ~ Joseph.

Leif Westling
One of the best...... .....portfolios I ever seen! Just wonderful......... And thanks for your coment on my photo. Best regards Leif Westling

Zeeshan Ahmed
Awesome shot - Really would like to know the story behind it as your shot tells the audience a Story... 1) A bum got a stolen laptop. 2) Bum found a laptop in trash. 3) Or a Darker story which was aired on TV here in Calgary on Homeless people, one they found and interviewed happened to be a CEO of a company but due to gambling & drugs ended up picking Can..... Anyway Just Awesome 7/7

Sauciuc Gabriela
Excellent! I think he is checking his facebook account. Congrats!

Sergio de los Reyes
bravo!! I am really jealous of this image...!! :) I wish it were mine...!! Congratulation. This is really excellent. Regards. Sergio de los Reyes.

Bob Kurt
Thanks to all

John O'Keefe-Odom
I thought this was a compelling photo; it needs to get a wider circulation, I think.

Antonella Partigliani
Hi Bob ! It's an excellent capture. I like it. Regards Alessia

Kim Slonaker
Very poignant take on how high-tech all of our society has become.

Gabriele Castelli
This caption is awesome. I think that this guy found his laptop in trash. Looks like it is a very old model, as we can see parallel and serial port on the back of the laptop. It also seems that the cd-rom drive is missing (empty slot on the laptop side). Great shot!

Kombizz Kashani
I love the title as well as your beautiful strange capture.

Shannon Disney
Ok this one grabbed me right away. What a brilliant image. Incredible moment captured. I can't say enough....Love It !!!!!!

Sāleh Zangāneh
Wow So interesting and great shot. It has a strange sense. Excellent. 7/7.... Wish you success

Kevin Temple
great shots,all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurentiu Draghici
7/7. Ecellent! Great work! And thank you :)

Hans Hollander
Just now ran into this. How about "after the financial crisis" as a title? Great catch!

Gultekin Isiklar
I just could not stop laughing when I saw the thumbnail version and I just wanted to thank you for sharing this beautiful photo... I also like "after the financial crisis" idea for the title.

Frank P
Bob Wow!

Richard Lanthier

I just discover this one.  What a great shot, maybe he thinks it's a hetchasketch...

Bob Kurt


Saad Salem
Hi Bob. I use computer since its very beaning ,my first one at 1979 got the speed of 2 Mhz speed ,or may be less, and I have programed one game using the first understandable language, I use it till the present day, I have never looked so serious in using that computer in that 32 years as this guys look.

Bob Kurt
New BusinessMan ...

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