by Melanson Jody

earwig canon eos d mark ii n sigma mm f apo ex dg melanson jody

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Tags: earwig canon eos 1d mark ii n sigma 150mm f28 apo ex dg hsm macro seeking critique

Category: Macro

Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 93.9444000
Y Resolution : 93.9444000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Published: Saturday 26th of July 2008 11:21:53 PM


Linh Dinh
Super shot! Best regards.

Bob Belanger

Joe Kellard
How did you get in so close? Was it lots of extension tubes on an MP-E 65mm or something ;-) This is truly incredible! Extremely sharp and crisp and a great DOF. Very well done, Joe

Fernando Delvalle
Excellent! I love it!

Bilal Zaheer
Most amazing macro! never seen such much fine detail of any bug. seems like an ant? the texture on the "skin" is incredible! could you mention how you captured the 20 images (burst mode?) and combine them to get this detail?

Chinthaka Wijesinghe
Excellent .I like the sharpness of this pict. Thanks.Chikee

Jacek Grundland
Excellent!!! Just for my personal curiosity - how did you mention to keep the bug steady while you made this 20 shots???

Jody Melanson
Earwig This is 20 separate images stacked to get this depth of field at this magnification. (about 7:1)

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