"Night Trains Through Mannheim"

by Tsoi Wilson

night trains through mannheim seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 24th of July 2008 09:37:33 PM


Sigmar Pietsch
Nostalgic. Reminds me of a long time ago - train station of Gare Du Nord in Paris and Munich (Germany). Nice capture. Long exposure does well with this shot. Good colors. Well done. Rgards - Sigmar

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Photographically, I love the use of long exposure to get the wonderful blue light in the sky and the light trails from the trains. I really love the star effects on the headlights - but you didn't use a real small aperture - so how DID you get those starry effects? Does it make me want to travel by train - this and the price of gas, YES! :-) And what does it remind me of? Well, I like these stations where many tracks come together ... it reminds me of maps that I've seen of Union Station in DC and the Waterloo Station where I arrived and departed London a few years ago.

Fred G
Wilson Train travel always makes me think of distant places which often seem unreal to me, because I don't have my usual surroundings and landmarks. So the unreality you've captured here, with the stars, the trails of neon-like light, the azure sky, all add up to a kind of vacation fantasy. That stamp seems appropriate to this kind of scene that could otherwise look mundane or hyper-industrial. It certainly looks neither of those in your hands.

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Wilson Beautiful composition with very nice blast of colors and lights . Regards Dan

Wilson Tsoi
"Night Trains Through Mannheim" Does this make you feel like travelling by train? Perhaps reminds you of recent trips? Does it work for you photographically as well? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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