Equestrian # 10

by Amelkovich Igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 24th of July 2008 11:15:44 AM


Andi Popescu
Well shine on, Igor, shine on... :-)

Andi Popescu
Igor, I'm not sure why you choose to light the upper part of the shot (meaning the lower part of the body) that way. Maybe if it would've been gradually done, yes, but like this, I think it stands out to much. Still, I like the back muscles and the spinal-cord, also the shape of the rear end. Overall, it's a very balanced shot, and I like it (as I do the rest of your work)... but this time I can't find a purpose for the seemingly uncontrolled lighting. Regards, Andi.

Kombizz Kashani
nice one

Igor Amelkovich
Lighting sometimes has no purpose, sometimes this purpose is simple - to shine.

David McCracken
Me thinks... I somehow think the Olympic Equestrian events to be held in Hong Kong a little later this year will not be as entertaining as this.

Eugenio Pastor Benjumeda
Stunning!. Best regards. Eugenio.

Bilal Zaheer
a trademark Amelkovich shot. Flawless. You are the master of it Igor.

Stelios Kallinikou
excellent work

Andrew Johnston
Incredible. I'm not sure how he comes up with these ideas but, for the most part, they are fantastic.

Alina Vasilescu
Beyond doubt Andi, in my veeeery humble opinion, doubting Igor's lighting is like doubting gravity. Igor, congratulating you AGAIN would be redundant. Yet again, it is mandatory... CONGRATULATIONS!

Igor Amelkovich
Equestrian # 10 Acrobatics around ...

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