"Deutsche Dom"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Saturday 19th of July 2008 04:36:47 PM


Walter Tatulinski
Cool one Wils! I prefer the upside down monochrome version. Regards.

Osman Karabacak

Fred G
Wilson I think either orientation works depending on what you want to convey and what your vision is. I do think the black and white works well with either orientation. It's a bit of a twist on the classic bicycle photo, so the black and white reminds us of that but your perspective and the rest of your composition keeps it personal. I think with the orientation you originally posted, where things are right-side-up, we are not as immediately aware that we are looking at a reflection. At first glance, I wondered if I might be looking through a wet car window or something such as that. With the upside-down version, I am more immediately aware it's a reflection. So it depends on the kind of viewer reaction you may want as well. Can you think back to how you visualized this when you took it? That might be a good guide if nothing else is making the difference for you. In any case, it's a very good photo. For my own taste, I prefer it upside down. I find it's more compelling that way, but that's just a matter of taste. --Fred

Nezif Tamson
very interesting work...nice shot..congrat

Wilson Tsoi
Original orientation.

Pnina Evental
Wison, being familiar with your work, I know your " weakness" to upside down reflections.....I still have my puddle image with your comment that you like it inverted.... LOL I like your inverted one here as well, the street textured frame, very nice composition with the biker shadow ,and the B/W conversion, I think that it is a good choice for the scene, more than the colored one.( my taste).

Ken Beilman
Very creative, Wilson. But you always seem to find a different angle or perpsective for your images. And this is another one of those images. The monochrome decision also adds to the interest. Well done!

Joaquim Bidarra
Very interesting work and good composition. Regards.

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte
Hi Wilson I like very much these puddle pics. In this case I preffer this orientation and b/w version. My 7/7 anon and my best regards from Spain.

Linh Dinh
Well done! I like both. 7/7a. Best regards.

James Kazan

I'm casting my vote for the B&W upside down version.


Marc Koczwara
personally i like the B&W upside down version. It gives me the impression that I am looking up from under the street somehow. I do not think i would get the same feeling if it was in color. Excellent.

Peter Bielecki
Both are very good in different ways. I prefer the original, the colours are very crisp for a puddle reflection. The B&W version unsettles me because I know it's not right and it makes me wonder if you took it while upside-down!

srujan punna
very creative i like B&W version.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks you all for the responses. It is very valuable to hear from varied viewers of their opinions. As it turns out, the b&w vs. color topic is just as equally critical as the image orientation with the most votes go to b&w up-side-down. Wilson ^_^

Goran Anastasovski
I think orientation is good , but the colour version is better.

Kenvin Pinardy
I like this bw version...well done

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Great reflection image, Wils. And the B&W conversion was a great decision and well executed.

Jitka Unverdorben
Very good.

A.K. Sircar
Both are equally good,Wilson. Difficult choice:-) I will vote for the original version.

Matej O.
7/7 What a photo! I like the monochrome version better...

Bruno Bizier
Keep the ambiguity! I personnally prefer the B&W version because, being the first one I saw, it puzzled me a while before I figured out it was a reflection in a pool in a street. It is mysterious at first, and that is a strength of this version. I AM NOT a photographer; maybe this tells you how an "ordinary " viewer might see, without the professional's eye, since, normally, works of art are aimed at the general public. I think that, to a degree, looking with the "professional eye" may cause one to forget what things look like to the "layman" and maybe miss a dimension of the communication that may be. This, while appreciating the various professionals' comments and counsels! thank you! Bruno from the extremely beautiful Gaspé Peninsula, in Québec.

Cenk M. Yetis
BW better I think BW is better and as I read the comments, most people like BW more because this approach is definitely unordinary! I'm also curious how you got the building reflection on the water so sharp (For the colorful version). Great work!!

Craig Nieder
Nice choice B/W works best for me, as 1) I don't think the color adds anything to the photo, 2) the composition and contrast are strong, and 3) it makes the scene just a bit more abstract than the color version. This slight abstraction helps this become better than the average puddle pic. As I saw the image, I quickly thought "Is that heavy foreground texture leather? Rough plaster? Photoshopped edges?" Very quickly I realized it was asphalt, but that slight delay in discovery contributed to my liking the shot. Upside down orientation tips the reader off to this being a puddle pic much more quickly, leaving nothing for the viewer to figure out, which is half the fun of puddle pics!

Viesturs Pinka
great moment, great feeling!!!

John Mitchell
Wow, what a brilliant reflection shot.

Sauciuc Gabriela
i love the black/white version.from my point of view is perfect

Giuseppe di Pietrantonio
I like this photo!I like both the version even if the presence of bike favours the B&W..A very good photo!Have you seen my puddles photo?Regards..

Daniel Hristescu
Interesting , good work . Congratulations .

Geoff Odell
Wilson, love this! It jumped out and grabbed me. I really love the b&w version posted here. Just wonderful.

Tomek Skiba
B&W version is much better, the color does not bring anything more. I like the motion blur from the bike. Perfect composition.

Wilson Tsoi
"Deutsche Dom" Which do you think works better, this up-side-down version, or original orientation? What works, what doesn't? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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