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Published: Saturday 19th of July 2008 12:09:01 AM


Wesley Swan
Mark, Thanks for the comment. This was a very very hot summer day a few weeks ago. And many people were entering this rather dark cafe to cool off. The inside of this place was actually quite dark, but the image doesn't give that impression.

Mark Starr
Wesley, I love the sun-drenched feeling to this image and the textures, as well as the repeating patterns of the windows and the curtains. I think it is a much stronger image than it would be if the outside were were at the "correct" exposure (which is something I would do only to find that the essence of what this photo should be - sunlight pouring into the space, was completely missing...) I wish the tripod wasn't in the photo, as it is a bit distracting and out of place in the room, and perhaps hard to crop out, but I think you have really captured something we have all seen - light overwhelming a room- Mark

Wesley Swan
Old Fashion Interior, coffee shop Took this on a very hot day a few weeks ago at Everland Theme Park. I like it. Maybe you will too.

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