Plum Island Massachusetts Beach Shore Line Surf

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

plum island massachusetts beach shore line surf ca harrington usa j


Tags: massachusetts beach shore line plum island surf canon 24-105mm f4l canon eos 10d newbury seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Saturday 12th of July 2008 11:03:54 PM


Dariusz Wieclawski
Simple and nice I like the cleanness of the sand - no footprints, no stones, ect and other distracting elements. The rough sea and the 'purely' clean beach. Bravo!

Trisha Jean-Angela

Purity, simplicity and peace; I love it! So beautiful...wish I could go inside this photo! Thank you for sharing. :)

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Waves at the Beach Plumb Island Massachusetts Plumb Island Waves. Other than maybe a romantic couple walking away in the distance, how could I have made this better?

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