Watch Out!

by Kelly Landrum

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Gallery: Shot in the Dark

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Category: Transportation

Published: Friday 11th of July 2008 04:26:22 PM


Manoj Puthenveedu
Very nice image to convey the sense of motion. Will it work better with smoother colors (and maybe desaturated a lot), instead of the sharp contrast and blown out skies and the lantern? Take care.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
What!? A new upload? Amazing! :-) Yet I was hoping for a nice rural Carolina scene. Not that this isn't an interesting/fun shot ... but not what I enjoy best of your work.....

Liz Weisiger
Hello, Lannie. Now I know why you haven't been posting - you've been in the hospital recovering from a train accident! Seriously, I have a life long interest in trains, and getting close to them (but not this close). I like your perspective of this one. I love how you captured the light in the sky and the reflection on the train. Well done. Regards, liz

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Liz. Isn't it amazing what a long lens and then a crop can do for the illusion of closeness? As for speed, the train was barely moving. The long exposure almost turned the sky back to day. Other shots of the same railroad crossing in this folder show how dark it was. So. . . cameras can lie. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Lou Ann and Janis. It is nice to be posting again. --Lannie

Janis OKelley
IIIII Like it!!! Very cool shot...glad to see a new post from you. ~j

Brad Kim
WOW! Very effective image, Lannie!

Kim Slonaker
Great sense of motion in this composition, Lannie. Makes you feel like you're right there, feeling the breeze from the train blow at your face.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
:-) could that be the oil lantern of a hobo or gypsy traveler ;-) interesting image, Lannie... love everything about it... could be another interesting view from the bridge...

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, everybody. Kim, it was going quite slow, and the sky was quite dark. As we know, cameras can be made to lie. . . . Sheryl, the light is electrical and is on the end of the arm that comes down to block traffic. I like the hobo lantern version of reality better, though. --Lannie

Fabian Graham
cool image ... will take a look at the original

Afshin Azizi
Hello my friend Really beautiful shot.Great capture and wonderful Timming. Very well done. I have visited your personal website too.It os very beautiful and ful of beautiful and fresh shots.I especialy liked shots of the way (railway and the pathway). All the best Afshin

Els Wetting
pffffffffffffff, that's hard to follow, much too quick.... Interesting picture, I will not rate it, because ik don't know what to give it with love Els

Landrum Kelly
Watch Out! This is cropped from "Fast Freight" in the same folder. Thanks for looking.


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