Pikepearch catched..

by Soini Hannu

pikepearch catched finland leica seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Friday 11th of July 2008 11:30:36 AM


Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch

I love this one, this is enormous !!

best regards


balthazar m.

Hannu Soini
Thank you Balthazar !

For commenting- I am glad you like this photo in particular, explanatory choice in many ways:) br Hannu


Marco Overdiep

Very impressive.

Hannu Soini
Thank you Marco !

I am glad you like the photo. Pikepearch is one of the most beautifully coloured fishes in Finland, not to mention the fine taste:) br Hannu

Hannu Soini
Pikepearch head The evening-night predator- pikepearch in close view. Comments are wellcomed.

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