Dangerous games # 6

by Amelkovich Igor

dangerous games chelyabinsk hasselblad cw carl z amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 9th of July 2008 10:45:21 AM


Peter Clark
Every thing has been said already, 7/7....

Maija Athena
one word... OUCH!

Bob Kurt
The gold medal is for you

Ivan Knez
Helli Igor This is a great idea. I've seen your other works too and they are all great. You are very talented and I hope we'll se a lot of your brilliant photos in the future. Best regards, Ivan.

Pierre Dumas
Most original! PDE

Shane Willis
intense and uniquely splendid

Kombizz Kashani
good use of lighting very strange pose with that

Cristina Velina Ion
Omg...this have such a intriquent subject, specially when the person that is looking on this photo is a woman, but is very well composed n have a very good realization! All the best!

Andrew Johnston
I do think Mr. Amelkovich has an excellent eye and great technique, but...there seems to be a fair number of photos depicting women using very sharp objects around their genitalia. Is it art? If I start posting photos of men holding chain saws or garden shears or straight razors to their genitalia, is it art or am I disturbed? I realize this is rather critical and I do not mean to offend anyone by my comments but this just seems over the top.

Doug Settle
I like the quality of these images, but have to agree with previous post that the idea and suggestion of cruelty or deviat art is made by the photographer and tho I do so admire the female form I think there are many ways to use the female form without the obvious deviant variables.

Michal Tomes
Very good idea of this pic... Excellent light.

Adrian Richards
Love the concept.... and the execution

maqsood akbari
on a Critique

I believe there is a huge difference between a male body and a female body. Actually it wont be so artistic to compare... this hook and other sharp/work equipments are meant to be used by masculines. but in Igor's works, these elements make a very beautiful composition and unique image. because out of "Art", you never see a fit woman with a crane hook around !!!. so I would just feel the sense in Art.

Igor Amelkovich
Dangerous games # 6 With Dangerous Hook...

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