by Cesnakevicius Ceslovas

vilnius desert hail new world seeking critique cesnakevicius ceslovas

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Published: Thursday 3rd of July 2008 07:54:31 PM


Tomasz Wojciechowski
a piece of fantastic work. I love the space in the picture and some calmness in it, the sense of end or completeness to the whole atmosphere. you've done a great job rendering the perfectly nostalgic ambience. congrats.

Teresa Zafon
Very original and well done.

Pierre Dumas
Amasterpiece! Ceslovas, please don't rate my latest in return! I rate as I feel like, not for rating in return. Why I think this is a masterpiece I don't know. I simply am not qualified to critique masterpieces! PDE

Eddie D. M.
Great job... congrats!

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Teresa, Pierre, Eddie thank you all!

J Perez
This is quite a fantastic image.! My only suggestion would be to crop a littele of the top and the right side off since they do not add anything to an otherwise excellent image. Cheers, J

Linh Dinh
Great one! 7/7a. Best regards.

Sunny Lee
Hi! Very original... Great, great work. I like that you left in the background silhouettes of buildings, because it gives an impression that this image isn't in the air. I love it!

patrick love
I don't think I like where this is going, but great image regardless.

Patrick Desmet
Good work my friend !

Gorm Rudschinat
a fantastic image, soft and intresting art

Sanja Nikolic
Original work...I like the elements

Cynthia Jean
Ceslovas Excellent 7/7a Take care

Ben Goossens
I love it:-)))

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Hail new world! (Vilnius 2) *

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