Published in PHOTO Magazine 2009

by Peri John

published in photo magazine nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 30th of June 2008 06:36:46 PM


C Brake
I think this series is some of your best work. Very elegant. Congratulations.

John Peri
Glad you liked this. Michael thank you very much for the detailed analysis. I particularly like the analogy with the cathedral light ...

Jonathan Farmer
Good use of light from white to black and all between. Nice simple composition.

Michael S. Maddox
There are so many things I admire about this photograph that I'm not sure where to begin... Again here is a delicately-balanced composition with intertwining and interdependent geometric shapes. The lighting is angelic... It reminds me of light entering a cathedral. Tonality and contrast are superb. I love the way the light fades off to complete darkness before the edge of the frame. I don't know if it is intentional or not, but I believe this work would also go well with your other recent series using religious iconography, (I'm referring to the faint cross-shaped shadow on the wall). The contrast of light to darkness would carry well with such a theme. It's beautiful, John, and I feel there are only so many times I can describe your consecutive photographs as "best yet." I think something significant happened during your sessions with this model, and many of the results have shown a noticeable step forward in your work. Needless to say, I can't wait to see more. -Michael

Jaap Voets
beautiful photo of a beautiful model well done

Jim Phelps
John, This is destined to be a classic fine art image. The lines, the curves (both the model's and the black metal's) and the light combine synergistically to yield a beautiful image. Jim

Leonardo Villalobos
8 / 8 Love it, fantastic use of light, beautiful model, congrats

Stephen Solomon
The simplicity here is awesome! I really enjoy your stairway shots! Especially this stairway! What is your source of light???? Natural window light, bounce flash, both or other??? Was it an evening/ night shoot?? I love the gradient of light from left to right, but wish the white seam wasn't there on the wall. Good use of the "rule of thirds" in this shot. I love that you fit more of that ornate railing in this stairway shot. Very pretty model, with locks that mimmic the swirls in the railing! The line of her arm/ hand leading to her leg provides good flow for my eye and the lines on the floor return me back to the railing and upward again. It's ethereal! Nice job to the both of you!!!!

John Peri
Thanks again Stephen. There is a window giving onto the courtyard to the left of the frame. This is taken late afternoon. I bounced the flash in some of them, this one not I think. The seam to the right is the lift. Unfortunately I can't do much about that. Yes, she is graceful and elegant. We will do more work together. Have a great summer, myself I am off soon, best wishes, John

Estudio Chapin
Beautiful... everything

A.K. Sircar
Excellent composition,very good light & exposure,John. Everything here is curvaceous.

Glenwood Sherry
Unbelievable... John, Wow, I leave for a month and I come back to find this! Unbelievable! By far one of my favorite works of yours (and that says a lot!) An unreal image: The beautiful model striking a classically elegant pose, bathed by the light from the left, while stepping out of the shaows on the right, and the sensuous curves of the landing and the railing leading the eye to this young woman. Flawless in every way (image and model), and I 7/7 from me. And, John, if you ever get around to selling prints of your work, I want to be the first to purchase a copy of this one. Very, very well done, indeed, my friend. Glenwood

John Peri
Hy Glenwood. Many thanks. Nice to hear from you. I'm on vacation with very rare access to the internet. I will of course send you a print on my return ... best wishes for a wonderful summer, John

Sarah Kane
This looks unreal John, simply divine... as though a godess were emerging from the dark. Her hair is angelic, and expression even more so... I've been away for a bit, but I'm looking through some of your lovely work! ~S~

Alon Eshel
Wonderful composition of light , Posing and Shapes

Umair Ghani
spectacular control of light, posture and immaculate composition! regards!

Massimo Santoni
great lighting and nice compo. Love the sweet relaxed model's attitude. Great work, as always!

John Peri
Thank you Carlo .. glad you got home safely .... The young lady is coming to stay with me in a couple of weeks. We plan to take some photos of course ...

Sweid Sideris
FANTASTIC Perhaps one of your best works of the last times. The framing is perfect, the result is a composition that is a class in itself. Never mind what you did or did not with the flash, but the lightning is another outstanding fact of this work. At last, such a delicious creature.

Tanya Truong
A Venus... in her own right. A very charming and captivating photo, in fact.

Anca Cernoschi
one of your best, in my opinion perfect lightning and composition

John Peri
Thank you all. Just published in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of PHOTO.

Dan Bliss
I saw this wonderful image in Photo, and I thought that looks like John Peri's work. This was of course followed by "It is John's photo." Congratulation on the beautiful image and on getting in Photo. Your sellection is well deserved. Nicely done. Dan

John Peri
How very kind you both are, thank you ..

Michael S. Maddox
John, congratulations on having this published in PHOTO. That was always my favorite photography magazine, although it's a little hard to find in my corner of the U.S. these days. I hope that the magazine gave this beautiful photograph the large reproduction that it deserves. So many of your photographs are beautiful, John, but this one touches on greatness. -Michael

John Peri
Late afternoon .. ..

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