Wildlife as Canon Sees It

by Friesen Jason

wildlife as canon sees it mm fl is usm d can friesen jason

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Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 26th of June 2008 05:18:25 AM


Dan Goldman
I take it that the 5D is somewhat sealed then?... Great idea. It turned out great.

Colton Fischer
Wish I would have thought of it. (I'd be too scared to get my camera wet though!)

Richard Cox
What a brilliant idea and so well captured! I wish I had thought of this. WOW!

A.K. Sircar
Cool shot,Jason. Original and beautiful.

Bill J Boyd
This is AWESOME! Well done.

Raymond Banfield
Should call this " dedication to the shot " Great capture and I would love to see how his shot turned out...RAY

Iren Nagy
Jason I like this! Original and well done. Greetings from the west coast of Canada, Iren

Zvonko Plavevski
did you throw a rock at him to see how he would react:)

Cody Mass
What a great idea!! Fantastic!!

Alan MacKay
Great photo! I especially like the reflection, very still, you managed it very well. I would have liked to see more focus on the frog rather than your face. ( A very minor point) I own a 5D myself, and you are far braver than I, sitting in the water like that. Well done. Alan

Evgueni Rouban
the best way to shoot a frog is to bacome a frog :) very nice shot!

Bruce McIntosh
Ok, I'm confused. You called this a self-portrait. How'd you do it? Shoot into a mirror and then flip it in Photoshop, or did you have a second camera on a tripod in front of you, either with a selftimer or a remote in the palm of your hand?

Jason Friesen
Wildlife as Canon Sees It Self-portrait. The frog was caught in a tupperware container which was placed upside down on the lilypad and removed when he had settled down. I expected him to bolt at first chance, but he hung around for a nice session.

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