CLIMAX (Menopause)... ( dedicated to every woman in the world.----prefer larger)

by Meneklis Michael

climax menopause dedicated to every woman in the larger nikon d wo meneklis michael

Gallery: Human drama.

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Published: Sunday 22nd of June 2008 07:17:17 AM


Ruud Albers
Beautiful creative work, Michael! Best regards, Ruud.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Bello lienzo,,, parece una bella pintura, Saludos cordiales Michael.

Rueda Palomares Agustin
Muchisima fuerza y mas arte aun. Un saludo.max

Janusz Taras
Dear Michael, Excellent composition.Great expresion.My best regards.Janusz.

Dimitris V
Excellent and bold idea and execution. Congrats my friend!

Michael Meneklis
I love every woman in the world. There is no ugly woman but only ugly human beings. I loved many women in my life and I desired much more, beautiful, ugly, young , mature and so on. Finally I concentrated to only one woman that represents to me every woman in the world. But I still observe them and of course I desire many-many women almost every day. That's why I can feel sympathy for the period of menopause that changes dramatically their life.

John Peri
Oh yes, how much I agree with you Michael. All women are beautiful, and in many ways men too. It is people that are ugly when they feel inadequate and become envious and jealous of what others have. It is not even that they really want it for themselves. It is that they do not want you to have it. I do not consider menopause as a problem really. The majority of women continue to live very rich lives. As for men, senility is more often in the brain than in the body. But then it starts sometimes at a very early age ... !! I like the visual effect of the composite above, but I do not identify very easily with the story line, which I do most often with your images, even if the intepretation is very pesonal. Still a very interesting image though. PS.. I will be in Glyfada on July 3 if by 'miracle" you are not too far away, it would be great to have a coffee .. Wonderful Carlos Chavez is coming soon after also. I look forward to meeting him too.

Tolo Duran
Una composicion excelente,con unas magnificas expresiones captadas,Estupenda combinacion de color y b&w. Un cordial saludo -Tolo.

Mehmet Akin
Hello! very good regards

Michael Meneklis
Thanks for your warm comments.

Adela Hriscu
7/7 This is such an expressive creation, in your unique style. But it should not be neither sadness nor hurt nor sorrow in that period of life. Only self-acceptance of feminity and enjoy of the feminine energies.

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Very interesting photo and story. Bravo.

Michael Meneklis
Thanks for your warm comments.

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte
Beautiful story and concept. Regards

Maurizio Moro
Dear Michal, this's a very nice and interesting image: we can have a lot of words about the menopause, but not only about it. All difficult moments of our life and in particular the passing moments of our body put in crisis our mind! Nature is so made: we are not ever young but, unfortunately, we don't accept this and so, today, when science gives us a lot of possibilities for opposing these natural problems, I think, our mental situation is made worse! Our serenity accept, no to oppose Nature!...Ciaomau!

Marta Eva LLamera
Yes! here I am dear Michael... I will tell you that I prefer this colorful image and better too, for this particular moment of women (good capture in the other two) Expressive and creative work, singular like usually. Thanks for sharing your talent my friend. All best.

Ahmet Gurses
hi Michael. ... congrats ... IO Points ...

Andrea de Bonis
well, i've been looking at this photo for some minutes, then i read yours words. my comment is on two differents planes.the first one is simply photographic. here i see a woman, in a privete moment and in a social moment, and i think is an excellent photo, becouse it seems to me that you show the personality, the thinking of this woman very deeply. she look as an interesting person, clever. About what you say, menopause ecc ecc. i loved to hear a woman ...... at my experience, menopause dont change anything drammatically, as you say. is an evolution of a life. a women has much more than this. Of course, i never met a woman happy for menopause, but i never met a man happy for andropause. an old mentality (women are usefull for procreation, men are usefull for money) makes us till looking at menopause as something wrong, but women learn us everyday that is not in this way. my opinion, of course, i hope to read something from women, has i sayd.

Pierre Dumas
I also prefer larger women, ha! I think the left figure should be also in the bluish tone instead of color, especially the table sheet is in some kind of contradiction of colors with the basic tone of the picture of the larger figure which is after all the picture on which you have pasted the color layer! Trying doesn't cost anything and it's worth trying, IE very interesting picture and kind of persuasive! PDE

A.K. Sircar
Michael, this a good image and showing the agony of an woman,missing something. I do not feel that ladies become ugly after menopause. Rather they become more mature like old wine, and the exuberance of youth is replaced by grace and sobriety.

David Orea
Quite interesting composition, Michael. The scene, expressions and colors are unique, Excellent work! Best regards!

Fred G
Michael I congratulate you on attempting to put such sentiments into your photograph. As a man, I would find it difficult to try to express these particular feelings, even though most human emotions can be translated into our own personal terms, even when we don't experience them. I welcome images of all people, of humanity as a reality, rather than always being bombarded with slick images of young and similarly-looking folk. What I see here are two personalities of the same woman, both at odds with each other but existing simultaneously as well. There seems to me to be both strength and a touch of hardship (but the hardship reading may be influenced by the information you've given me about your purpose). Your subject seems very much herself, unconcerned with the camera, therefore quite genuine. There is an energy difference in the two representations of her, one more active, the color version more passive, more thoughtful.

Michael Meneklis
Thanks for your warm comments.

Glauco Dattini
7/7 Excellent composition, very fine work,Michael! Warm regards. Glauco

Michael Meneklis
Thanks for your warm comments.

Adan Wong
This is a very interesting composition. As someone mentioned before, it could be interpreted as a private vs social moment. I find your use of colors very telling. The image on the right depicts a personal moment and is in blue while the public scene on the left has yellow and orange. It seems that colors here symbolize her state. In her privacy the blue coldness represents dissaproval or dissatisfaction and in the public the warm tones make her engaging and sociable.

Anthony Gutowski
Hi Michael Amazing composition! excellent tension and mood created in this fine image. Regards

Sonia Mason
Very very funny. I have so much to look forward to. I love the monochrome image enlarged from the coloured. It gives a powerful effect.

Michael Meneklis
Menopause. Comments please.

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