Dandelion Bug

by Plonsky Mark

dandelion bug canon powershot g plonsky mark

Gallery: Lady Bugs

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Published: Monday 6th of May 2002 10:01:53 AM


Asaf Cohen
Great, Great, Great!!! Definitely one of the best macros I have ever seen. Great colors, great composition, great DOF. Just wonderful!

m saga
Outstanding macro, great color and texture, truly one of the best macro shots I've seen. Regards M

Michael Castellano
Wonderfully done as usual. I knew this one was yours immediately. Looks like a Lady Bug to me?

Gordon E. McCaw
Wow!!!!...Some real eye candy here. This would make a great card/poster. I especially like the details on the bug and the way the colors complement each other.

M. Huber
Mark, believe me, I am not being picky. Just a suggestion. Your pictures are so good, I would be a little more careful about the monikers. Ex. I believe some of your dragonflys are mayflys and damsel flys. For your own future use, (not for photo display), I would even have a file on the exact scientific name.

Neia Frank
Mark You never stop to surprize me,always giving us some new amazing work.This is wonderful,congrats Mark! from the trumbnail I knew was yours. Alcineia

Craig Kunitsky
Great Capture Fantastic macro- the lighting, color, texture- all very nice. Can you tell me more about the lens or converter used. Thanks

Stanley Allen
Dandy pic As usual, M. Plonsky has done an outstanding technical job, but this one has an extra layer of impact. It is sensuous almost to the point of obscenity. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to view it at work! The scene seems too intimate for scrutiny, and it makes me feel like a voyeur. I'm embarrased, thinking I need to look away and leave these two to their pleasure. One can imaging a sound track of sighing, cooing, and slurping. Those little curled stamens seem to be quivering with celebratory tingles. The position and tilt of the head is ... OK, I'll hold my peace. An erotic masterpiece!

critter vision
beautiful colors and detail!!!

Marc G.
With a tad more DOF, this would have been a 7 in aesthetics. Splendid. Besides 1 or 2 other shots in the folder, I feel this folder isn't your best though. Regards.

Desmond du Mont
Dandelion Bug Wow! Great picture! I love bugs that look like this! And capturing on yellow really highlights the red and black... You are so good...

Koos Net
Beautiful !!!!

Alan Chan
Such a bold contrasting colour combination, well done Mark !

Wilfred Lim
I like this very much! WOW!

Mike Mancil

A real scroll stopper... excellent... Mike

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