Milky way on the lake

by Yoshida J

milky way on the lake kusatsu city nikon d mm f se yoshida j

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Tags: milky lake kusatsu city nikon d3 nikon 14-24mm f28 way seeking critique

Category: Space

Published: Saturday 14th of June 2008 12:51:50 PM


Francisco Méndez Fuentes
;) Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!

Brian Alsobrooks
Wow great shot

Hung Nguyen
Stunning photograph!

Ali Rezaeian
7/6 Excellent astro shot ***Ali***

Martin Murphy
Beautiful Shot! This is very well done. I have a few questions: I see this is a composite of five images. What sort of tracking did you use? Were all five images 20-second exposures? Any info you can provide would be very helpful. Thanks.

Christa Binder
Awesome Photo, I am adding this to my favorites folder. 7/7

Pascal Agneray
Beautiful This is the milky way as seen from the earth like one would watch the moon. But watching the moon next to watching the milky way is like watching a drop of water on your elbow next to watching the sun. What a spectacular scene. I just wish I could see it with my own eyes with such clarity. I've never seen it so brightly lit and detailed from my own eyes.

Thierry LOMBRY
Talentuous, you are... It is a composit of 2 images or more that could look ordinary but it is not, really not. Indeed even if the image resolution is low in this copy, we do not see any star trail or coma what reflects both the high quality of the photographic system and all the skill of the photographer. Superb work Yoshida San !

J Yoshida
milky way thanks

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