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Published: Friday 13th of June 2008 10:51:10 PM


John Peri
.. well, there is that wire on the floor .. I guess it would take a couple of minutes to remove if one decided that it was offensive ..

John Peri
Well Stephen, you found the clue of course. With no disrespect meant to anyone, the crucifix appears occasionally in my pictures, contrasting sometimes with the more provocative elements there. It is not necessarily a contradiction, since religion is tied closely to all activites in our lives, but it can lead one to notice the conflicts that we are surrounded by daily. I have mentioned this before, but I have just read a remarkable book by Madeleine Albright that deals with the influence of religion on social and political attitudes around the world, to no less degree in our own lives. It is an ever present issue that we live with and often ignore as to its significance. Many thanks for passing by and for your cherished support.

Stephen Solomon
This one is very perplexing. Here you depict a shapely young lady with attitude whose legs and hands are evocative. I say that because they contrast with the symbolism of the beaded crucifix around her neck and the image of the "Blessed Mother" looking on from the cabinet in the background. The wire on the floor pales in comparison to the juxtaposition of these artifacts displayed with your subject. Never the less, you have captured a classic image. Had you not mentioned the wire on the floor, I might not have noticed it was there given the other details. Lots to look at and ponder about this photo. Your photos are always the same (very well done; similar props) yet always different (model's interpretation, photographer's perspective and skill). Thank you!

Alberto Quintal
John. What a beautiful work, excellent pose and model, perfect B&W. Alberto

Michael Meneklis
Beauty is classical. Bravo my friend.

Sweid Sideris
Stephen is in the right, full of subtle details and messages, and if you don't mention the wire on the floor I couldn't see it. One of the most delicate details are her hands, the language of her hands, small and delicate. Astounding beauty. On the other hand, this sofa must be the most well known in the net...;-D)

Simone Falbo
excellent Artistic! 7/7

John Peri
And then suddenly it was evening ... ..

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