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Published: Wednesday 11th of June 2008 05:09:04 PM


Allan Kirby
Maestro This deserves more than a word or two. What impresses me most of this picture is the tonal range. Bravo !

James Luna

Rudolf Kartelin
very good

Alberto Quintal
Lovely! John. Alberto

Goran Anastasovski

Douglas Brill
Beautiful light and pose.

John Peri
Thanks Michael I really goofed it with the hair. I can't even pretend that I didn't notice it .. I'm just incorrigibly lazy. The "pixelation" I am more intrigued about. Don't really know how to handle that, other than to post a larger file. For some reason that I cannot justify, I have been using a 70-300 mm lens recently which becomes a 105-450 mm on my camera. I wonder if that is not in part the culprit .. thanks for your patience, best wishes, John

Michael S. Maddox
Just a few comments... As some others have pointed out, the colors and tonal range in this image are wonderful. I also think the composition & framing are very good. However, there a couple of things that might make this image worth a re-visit... One is the swatch on her hair... It looks like it might have been left by a hard-edged photoshop brush (perhaps a dodge tool?). I have noticed this on both calibrated and non-calibrated monitors. It might be worth re-visiting the master file to blend this in a bit. Another thing I've noticed is the presence of a good bit of artifacts in the image, as though it was saved at a low jpeg setting, or perhaps upsampled. This might also be worth generating a new jpeg from the master file. To me, these things are pretty noticeable, and hold back the potential of an otherwise very good image. -Michael

Michael S. Maddox
I wouldn't think that the lens would cause the pixelization... The culprit is usually low resolution or high jepg compression ratios. Heavily editing a jpeg and/or re-saving a jpeg multiple times can also contribute to this sort of thing. A couple of questions: Did you shoot the original in RAW? Did you have to brighten it considerably in post-processing? And, is it heavily cropped from the original? -Michael

Michael S. Maddox
Assuming that you generated the jpeg from the Tiff file using Photoshop, did you by chance use the "save for web" feature? If so, could the jpeg quality setting have possibly been set too low? The "blocky" areas in the shadow and darker tones really make me think it's a matter of high compression ratios. There's also the question of what the P/N system might to do jpegs during upload? (Just a thought). -Michael

John Peri
Strangely no, none of these things. I think I did foolishly try to lighten the hair in part, but it was filed under Tiff. No, I don't work in raw either ...

Drew -
Question/Suggestion When you open the dictionary is this what you see under 'Perfection'? "you" is generic/impersonal

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .. ..

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