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Published: Saturday 4th of May 2002 02:05:44 PM


Detlef Klahm
reminds me of Helmut Newton`s work..very provocative in a none-staged setting

Charles Hoffer
Beautiful capture. The expression on the model's face is wonderful. Not the usual pose either. Nice juxtaposition. Looks like the model does not fit in her surroundings dressed (undressed) like she is.

John Peri
I think that Graham possibly expressed it above better than I ever did. That is the precisely what the purpose of this series of portraits is meant to be (more will follow in addition to the ones posted). A woman show herself with all her strength and self-confidence for what and whom she really is. These are all professional working women who tell us that they can be naked and still look proud and distinguished at the same time. I particularly like it when they look at us straight in the eyes while doing it.

Mark Korabo
Wonderful John, this portrait captures your subjects innocence, beauty and an underlying sensuality. Very well done, I rate it at the top of your portfolio. It keeps me coming back for another look!

Stephen Ksiazek
Does not look comfortable or relaxed.

Graham Byrnes
What I really like about most of your photos is the impression that you are just capturing "un portrait nu". It's an expression I first read in an essay by Michel Tournier, who related the story of accidentally discovering it. He was visited by a journalist and asked her to pose for him. He intended a portrait: she leapt to a conclusion and took off her clothes. So he took her portrait while she was nude. That's a long digression, but my point is that these are first, depictions of women with their personalities and strengths. That these women choose to present themselves more or less unclothed simply adds to the communication. This is in total opposition to the tradition of nude photography in which compliant models are arranged by the photographer so as to create sculptural forms. This is one of the best, I think. Chapeau.

L Khaled
mmm helmut newton, nice work, blah blah blah...

Larry Cameola
Fresh approach John all of your portraits are just so flattering if you had describe this shot to me before I saw it I wouldn't think it would work< but it does Your a natural at what you do and your work reflects it

Gerhard Fuhs
Sorry, but this was my first thought too. Why the hell must she be topless? In my opinion this shot neither is erotic nor spectacular, it´s simply dull portrait with dull background. Sorry- only my opinion

Keith Lommel
I agree with Nina. The model looks completely comfortable and relaxed to me. In looking at the other pictures in this excellent portfolio, I am amazed at how comfortable and relaxed ALL the models seem to be. John, you've got an amazing ability to win the trust of those you photograph. It gives all your photographs a sense of spontaneity, intimacy, and fun that makes them really stand out from the cold, stiff, posed "figure studies" we've all seen too many of. I look forward to seeing more from you!

David Magradze
John, This is the best of your photos (probably together with JP F61). Please disregard all those comments that are lacking any sense of criticism.

artistic nudes
composition: the model is beautiful. i would have removed everything, the watch, necklace, ring, and dress (especially the dress straps). they all seem to distract from the model. p.s. i do like the ear rings.

Simon Lonsdale
This is it.... my favorite! I've been looking through your portfolios for a while now and I must say I'm really impressed with your work. This is certainly my favorite, I love her expression; there is something empowered and almost defiant in her stare, and just a touch of cheekiness too.. You have an exceptional talent, and your work inspires me to try nude photography for myself. Any suggestions on how I should get started? Thanks for sharing your work with us!!

MICHAEL schroeder
Beautiful The subject is beautiful and I find the picture sensual.

Martin Bobič
If you change anything, it is not the same picture any more. So, don`t change anything !

Patrick (Washington, DC)
i've browsed through the folders and this one stands out, at least in my eyes. it is almost like a candid/environmental portrait, but somehow she dropped her dress?!? Lovely composition and skin tones, a wonderful expression and laissez-faire atmosphere. Very nicely done!

sogeri pilpoil
She's the Boss I like comments of you, men, about a woman who IS the Boss. I finished at her arm clock, and it seems she's more decisive than all mens' words. But she wants also to be a sexy woman. She proves here that she has means for that. Great job, John :-)

David Bradley
I love straps...she almost looks like she could almost be at a business meeting making a very convincing presentation...lovely accessories, I expect she is really pleased with this image.

José Carlos Hernández Medina
unusual nude... very nice

Brian Rosenbloom
I like the "matter-of-factness" of this nude. She is very beatiful. Very well done.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
You know she has such an adorable face I think I could have a conversation without being drawn to distraction by her lovely breasts. She would certainly liven up any staff meeting with or without a bra. So feminine is she and artless. Not erotic,just nice female. I saw a bare breasted young girl years ago on the Hanakapia Trail on Kauai. She just seemed so free and part of nature. Next time bring her to an island setting...aloha, gs ( this was a repeat from the portfolio that caught my eye along with the black and white pair on that glass table top in a soul kiss)

Fergus Lockhart

I just love this photo.  She is just natural with no specific pose.  

Landrum Kelly

John, I know that this is one of your first photos posted on the site, but in my opinion it remains one of your best. 


She looks as if she were about to call the meeting to order.  The level gaze and the folded hands, with the forearms resting comfortably on the table glass, convey a relaxed feel to this photograph.  There is a direct, perhaps authoritative, look in her eyes, as if she were fully in charge--and I bet she was.



John Peri

Thanks Lannie, she does actually have a senior job in one of the top companies out there, so there was something premonitory about this shot .. : -). Amazingly, we are having dinner with her in a couple of days.  

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