That Way!

by Triguez Luis

that way pointing paper hat street seeking critique triguez luis

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Category: Street

Published: Sunday 8th of June 2008 06:42:45 PM


Iftikhar Ahmad
Nice street shot and its action speaks. Love the paper hat.

Antonio Díaz
Me gusta la fotografia social. En esta, la luz, la composicion y la originalidad.

Mark Starr
Luis, Thanks for your very kind comment. I saw your fishing boat photo and came to see your other work, and was stopped by this image - a great street shot, where the seriousness of the action is undercut by the great paper hat - it makes you wonder if you should take directions from someone wearing such a hat! The contrast between the distinguished nature of the man and his hat also adds to the image - well done, and quick thinking on your part to capture this moment! Thanks again, and keep up the great work! Mark

Luis Triguez
That Way! Canon FT Haimex 135

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