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Published: Wednesday 4th of June 2008 03:30:33 PM


John Peri
I have used this in some graphic work but not posted the original before. I want to add it to my portfolio on PN which is actually my principle means of classification and reference.

Denny Lincoln
I think the black space behind your sofa could be used to exacerbate her lovely lines even more, if only you moved her back a few inches. I just keep looking at her, then the black space. Maybe I need to take a nap.

Leonardo Villalobos
great shot, beautiful model !

John Peri
Glad you liked it, thanks ... I think it may be the twist of the shoulder that adds to her apparent mood and demeanour ..

Peter Meade
I like the languid mood of these sofa shots. P

Pierre Dumas
Good! PDE

Dave Mishalof
Wonderful smile It is always a pleasure to view your work. All of your models look relaxed, natural and their eyes do not have that awful blank stare. Your models appear like they are completly comfortable with their nudity which makes them look sexy. You also photograph many beautiful women. It must be nice being you. LOL I like this black background. Strangly this black background looks warm and soft , compared to the black floor which looks cold and hard. Your models hands and legs make her look so comfortable. The smile on her face makes me wonder what she is dreaming about, and makes this a wonderful shot.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful!!! John. Alberto

Shane Willis
yet another John Peri Peice of Perfection. as always .... fantastic

John Peri
Thanks for pointing that out Kaushik .. would be quite easy to remove .. I'll do it .. glad the others liked it too ..

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, As always very fine B/W shot. Specially the tonal effect of the skin. Meaning no disrespect, the white spots in the floor are a bit disturbing. I may be wrong. Its just my feelings. Rgds.

Alessandro Della Casa
Beautiful natural pose....

John Peri
Sofa ..

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