If I swallow anything evil- Put your finger down my throat- If I shiver, please give me a blanket- Keep me warm, let me wear your coat- No one knows what it's like- To be the bad man- To be the sad man-behind...

by Santamouris Photis

if i swallow anything evil put your finger down my throat shiver blanket warm let wear coat swallo santamouris photis

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Tags: throat- shiver blanket- warm let wear coat- swallow evil- finger knows like- bad man- sad man-behind seeking critique

Category: Portrait

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Published: Friday 30th of May 2008 10:11:31 AM


JeffS L
Intense. Peach skin, turquoise eyes, and a stare that drills into you. Great work, PhoS. (Oh, and the song you chose ain't half bad either)

Donna S
I like the pairing of the eyes and the lyrics-- soulful, a bit weary and wary.

JeffS L
PhoS I can sympathize. My time has been very limited due to work and my kids. I had a couple mornings when I got up very early and got to play around on PN. I notice that the more comments I make, the more I get. I guess that's just how it works. Anyhow, I'll keep looking for your work and commenting whenever I can. Take care.

Photis Santamouris
Thank you Jeff. I'm sure no feedback on other's photographs will end up in no comments at all in all present and future submissions,as far as someone's images are concerned.That's life and that's the game here,I know,but spoiling the profile one has created with so much dedication,due to little or no time to respond these days,will be inevitable I'm afraid.

But I'm also sure that good old days here will come again shortly.

Many thanks and warm regards.

Vladimir Funtak
PhoS Smiling? So am I.

Joseph Popper
A powerful image, Phos, and an intriguing presentation. Warm regards...

Photis Santamouris
But my dreams... They aren't as empty

As my conscience seems to be

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