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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Thursday 29th of May 2008 06:28:32 PM


John Vanacore
You get the best visitors John ;-)) Nice work! CHeers

John Peri
Many thanks to all of you. It takes two to tango - she's a wonderful young lady, so easy to get on with and to photograph. Thank you once again, Michael particularly for those very kind words ... I'm having fun .. maybe it's contagious .. :-) Actually, a little secret too .. she is also an amazing photographer .... I hope that she develops that gift when she goes back home to Taiwan.

Alon Eshel
I love this one , The blue background with that warm lamp , combined with the calm model with the glass in hand , give a great peaceful mood

Alberto Quintal
Just beautiful! Excellent work, John. Alberto

Harvey King
frontal, outdoor... yet the model is at ease. your ability to make your subject feel comfortable is my personal favorite element of all your work. This photo is just another fine example of it.

Necip Perver
Good relaxed expression and I like the use of the blue toning to contrast her from the background. Nice work.

John Peri
Thanks Harvey, I guess they help by putting me at ease too .. it's very much a shared thing.

Jim Phelps
John, The model, the pose, the color and the background all work together to yield an excellent image. Jim

Rudolf Kartelin
Good work !!!!!!

Michael S. Maddox
As Alon and Harvey (and several others) have already stated, this photo is an excellent example of 2 signature elements in your style: One, (as seen in much of your color work), is the wonderful combination of cool background/ambient colors mixed with gentle warm lighting on the model. This is something that I particularly like about your color work. Second, is how remarkably at-ease and comfortable your models seem. In so many of your photos, the ladies really seem to be having fun working with you. You write about them with such respect and admiration, too... It's clear that you develop an excellent rapport with them.

Marc Aubry
I love the lighting. Very nice.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent. The royal blue in a dream effect in the background. The glass in hand and the little tattoo. Very poetic. Simply outstanding.

Tore Nilsson
Excellent work with the complementary colours, nice looking girl in a good pose, great work as always. Best regards Tore

Alessandro Della Casa
The bluish cast and the even light look great here!

John Peri
A visitor from overseas .. First visit to Paris .. and all the mysteries that it holds .. with the inevitable passage through Disneyland on the way .. :-)

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