JP F334

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Tuesday 30th of April 2002 10:52:31 PM


Tom Meyer
That this photo is "top rated" really gives great insight as to the validity of the rating system at and the critical acuity of those who "rate" the images posted here... t

John Peri
Hy Tim, it's really hard to answer the above. Quite evidently, we all have different tastes and that's very good. This was just an attempt to do something decorative - nothing less, nothing more. Judging from the above, albeit surprisingly, some people like it (others not)! In some of my photography I try to be more serious than at other times, though basically, I do like decorative and sometimes rather kitschy art. I feel that it adds an element of humour. Maybe also, it stops us taking ourselves too seriously. Finally, if we don't experiment (obviously with varying degrees of success), then everything will look the same.

steph carl
Well... I really love this picture! I like the replication in this case. Personal taste I guess...

Elizabeth montgerry
Very well done John!

tim miller
I was looking at your folder a while ago and liked the non-photoshopped images more than ones like this...I was surprised to find that this is rated higher than the others...most of these just look gimmicky to me...some of your new uploads look great and brought me back into your portfolio earlier. DAMN. you must have JUST uploaded this...was not here a moment ago... work like this works more for me...I am rapidly becoming an old traditionalist...(at 33)....

Zacarias Mata
Excellent work!

Geert van der Zee
Great job.

tim miller
I have no problem with this image or experimentation(for sure) my only complaint at that time was that I percieved your experiments to have been rated higher than some of your other work which I liked more. Since then you have uploaded a number of amazing images, which have recieved the attention I think they deserve. As usual I do not communicate well with words.

Lex Jenkins
Poker chic John, as usual you have a funky and unique way of looking at things! When I saw the thumbnail my first thought was, "Hey, this looks like an updated version of those decks of playing cards with nekkid women on 'em." Since I love cheesecake and pinup art, that's a good thing. And this model is perfect for that aesthetic.

Graham Byrnes
I find this one a little uncomfortable. It's just my opinion of course, but: the fact that exactly the same woman is reproduced 3 times (as opposed to the "real" woman confronting images of herself as elsewhere) goes a bit far in "objectification". What does exact replication mean? Mass production. What do we mass produce? Consumer objects. Maybe that's drawing a long bow, maybe not. Keep working!

John Peri
Replication? .....what's wrong with that? ... we are about to "clone" a few organs which are going to be quite useful to us actually.......Sure Graham ... on its own, the picture was rather boring I guess, so it was a means to give a bit of punch to an otherwise not very interesting image.

John Peri
Photoshop 5 Jeffrey.

jeffrey plunkett
varey nice photo. i wood like to now wot tipe of progam you yous to make thes ?

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