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untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 16th of May 2008 06:38:16 PM


John Peri
Thank you Foureyes. A compliment from you is very precious ... :-)

Rakesh Syal
John Peri!! No one can do like you do! From a secret admierer, LOL! Best regards and thanks for your continuous support, my friend, Rakesh.

John Peri
Thank you, glad you both like the tones and you the contrast Stephen. As I said earlier, I feel they complement the mood reflected by this image and particularly the model, and I would hope it may be obvious to some that it is what this is all about. Her coy, somewhat innocent yet provocative demeanour may help to underline the point. Definitely a good point about the seam. Now that you have pointed it out, I seem to see only that! Thanks.

Jim McConnell
John, this one is up to your usual high standards, fine shot.

Alberto Quintal
Just beautiful and original pose, John. Alberto

Rudolf Kartelin
Excellent work. Godd tone and composition

Foureyes .
Wonderful !!!!! Wonderful capture John,.......I love the pose, she's got such a wicked look in her face, lovely lady,.....as always, you have a masterful eye that knows exactly when to 'click', the B&W works awesome here,..............very nicely done !!!!

Stephen Solomon
I like the tone of the image. Even and with good contrast. I like how her hair is draped over the front of the seat cushion. Unusual details make unusual pictures. As for the composition, I don't particularly care for the placement of the line, the seam between the sofa cushions, running up behind the middle of your model. It tends to bisect the subject and thus, the picture. I would prefer that seam was offset to right more so, then it wouldn't be so dominant, or noticeable, because the angle of her legs would help to break it up better. I must admit, with such beauty placed before you, it would be easy to dismiss a detail like that at the moment. Her expression is one of comfort and trustful willingness. Very nice image created by good report with your model.

Tammy V.
Playful! Love the capture, John.

John Peri
Thank you Ryan, I appreciate that.

John Peri
Thank you, thank you very much. Indeed, he and Berenson were my favourite art critics.

Ryan Young
Enough Are the women John shoots beautiful? Yes. Are they more beautiful than most other photographers' models on photo.net? Yes, I think so. Does their beauty and nudity draw more views and comments? Yes. Do John's photos draw some men looking more at the models than the photos? Yes. Does any of this lessen John's talent or diminish the quality of his work? No. John's work is immediately recognizable; his style is singular. That alone is an achievement. Like any photographer, some of John's images are stronger than others. However they are all well above average and some are excellent. Those who would claim otherwise are driven by ulterior motives.

A.K. Sircar
John, I learnt the difference between the naked & the nude from Sir Kenneth Clark,famous Art Critic,which I am quoting for your reference & inspiration:- The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form (1951) " It is widely supposed that the naked human body is in itself an object upon which the eye dwells with pleasure and which we are glad to see depicted. But anyone who has frequented art schools and seen the shapeless, pitiful model that the students are industriously drawing will know this is an illusion. The body is not one of those objects which can be made into art by direct transcription οΎ— like a tiger or a snowy landscape. Often in looking at the natural and animal world we joyfully identify ourselves with what we see and from this happy union create a work of art. This is the process students of aesthetics call empathy, and it is at the opposite pole of creative activity to the state of mind that has produced the nude. A mass of naked figures does not move us to empathy, but to disillusion and dismay." Ch. 1: The Naked and the Nude I am an admirer of John Peri and some of his excellent work.

Jim Phelps
John, I like the way the B&W works here. The model's lines work well with the lines of the sofa. The similarity in tone between the model and the sofa enhances this interaction and creates a more "formal" image than most of your work. This use of lines is in some ways reminiscent of Edward Weston. However, the eyes (which I particularly like) bring the image back to the narrative side. As is usual in your work, they are the true subject of the foto. Kudos to you both. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Thank you. That's very much what it's all about. I'm glad that so many of you understood that .. certainly the model did, or she would not have allowed a photo such as this to appear.

Photo Guy
good fun I like this. It's just a great fun photo. Especially the playful look in the model's eyes. great capture.

Alon Eshel
Simple and beautiful , Lovely sweet expression

Baachitraka .

Nice capture indeed, but the skin tones has merged with tones of the couch and that gives no isolation between the model and its surroundings.

John Peri
Untitled ..

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