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Published: Wednesday 14th of May 2008 04:02:52 PM


Steve Ward
John: Yes, even as a thumbnail, this one has your name all over it. Makes one wish for just a little more couch time.

Massimo Santoni
super relaxed and sensual model... she seem to be ease with you! well done!

Fran Garcia
John how always EXCELLENT my friend

Alberto Quintal
Excellent John, beautiful. Alberto

Allan Kirby
I knew it I was clicking through the pics without looking at the name of the photographers and this one popped up. I said to self "That's a John Peri." I find myself studying your pics more closely than most as I look at compositon lighting and the usual things. Great work John.

A.K. Sircar
Reminds of Goya's Maza Nude. Very good composition,John.

john reef
I'm going to guess you're a digital guy, so why not do something about the plug and wire???

John Peri
John Reef .. excellent question. Easy answer, I'm lazy. Thank you very much the others too .. I sometimes wonder what makes a photo like this recognisable .. maybe you people subconciously are starting to identfy my couch !! Oh well, Andy Warhol had his beer cans .. ha ha

Tore Nilsson
I love this one the colours works great the model is well posed to get perfect lines in the image, the model is looking great too an you know how to bring out her beauty Cheers Tore.

Jerry Matchett
My first thought was "This is rather well posed." and then I scanned down and saw it was yours, John. I like the supplementary colors, except the back wall which seems to have a slight olive cast. I don't know whether that is real or simply fall-off of light. I would be tempted to warm it up a bit. Regard, Jerry Matchett

Janusz Taras
Excellent work John.Regards.

Eric Lefebvre
Nice exposure and beautiful model however maybe the picture needs a crop of the top (the wire on the wall) but maybe I'm quibbling....Regards John ! Eric

Photo Guy
It's just a fun photo! I think the model looks very comfortable and I really like the colors.

Sweid Sideris
Curves and angles, softness of the skin and the fabric where she rest. Warm and hospitable tonal range. Delicious John, your unmistakable style in every senses. On the other hand I can see many people concerned about the wire and the plug on the background. Well my friend, if I have a naked model like she resting on my couch waiting for a photo session believe me that is impossible for me to be aware about the plug and the wire... At all, sometimes things are there and should still being there. Perfection does not exists in the real world (is too boring).

Hans Hollander

Just kind of happened onto this shot.

Some images just "work" instantly for me. This is one of those.

Gorgeous model, great skin tones and yes, nice couch :)

John Peri
Cha Cha .. settee ..

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