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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Monday 12th of May 2008 03:08:32 PM


John Warner
Great angle, poses and lighting :O)

John Peri
Thank you my friends. It's all in the expressions of this very charismatic model.

Joe Gallagher
Your choice TOP: "Wait, which one are you choosing?" MIDDLE: "Oh, no, no, not that one!!" BOTTOM: "You damn tease! You knew I wanted you to pick this one." Beautiful. Thanks to both of you.

Chris Panagiotidis
Hi John, I cannot praise enough your talent in creating a little story of emotions , expressions with three pictures ,so much the same and so much different one from the other! A visual pleasure of the highest aesthetics! Compliments and regards, Chris

Lennart Goldmann
As a series, I am almost forcibly drawn to the bottom one. Looking at each one separately, I prefer the top one. Anyway I like the interactivaty you trigger, it is impossible not to look and then look again! And as always, your model is superb and your technique is perfect! Regards Lennart

Juan Carlos Rivera
Very nice serie, John.

Takos Takos
!!! 7/7

Rakesh Syal
Great sequence and capture, John!! Redards!

James Baeza
Very nice John. Great mood here.

Jim Phelps
John, Good story and poses (the facial expression are great). I really like the color, it compliments her hair and skin. My compliments to you both! Jim Phelps

Les Berkley
I'll take the one on the bottom; the smile is infectious. On tiny nit. Her legs and lower body are in the same position in all three images.

Raymond Elstad
Very nice series here John, Great skin tones and marvelous expressions on your lovely model... Cheers, Raymond

John Peri
Thank you all. Glad you enjoyed these. The model of course has exceptional grace and beauty which helps. Les, that is an interesting comment .. these were actually click click click .. just time for the upper torso to change position ...does that not contribute though to the time frame of the story line ...

Photo Guy
Great sequence. Did you have this in mind when you shot this or was this something you saw when you were reviewing the photos afterwards?

John Peri
Good question .. I will give you a yes and no answer. I always have a sequence in mind and shoot very quickly as the model moves around. Whether I set out to do that particularly at this moment, no. If so, then I would not have been able to create this spontaneity .... thanks for passing by.

Tanya Truong
Beautiful capture of spontaneous, playful moments. No one can do this better than you on this website, John. Love every expression of the model, she is very genuinely in her lovely playfulness. Congrads on the publication of your two books, John. It's about time, anyway ;o)

Sweid Sideris
Absolute. She enjoy the situation a lot, having this unique "connection" with the photographer. Not easy to find. Her facial expression, I mean, her smile and her gaze are the "engine" of this formidable "triptico", outstanding skin hue and perfect lightning.

Alec Ee
Lovely skin tones. Such a change to see 3 images in sequence. Nicely done John.

John Peri
Thank you my friend. everyone can find these qualities in our models .. one must just look carefully .. :-)

John Peri
It's your choice .. ..

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