Kinlock Chute, Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest, Alabama.

by Szulecki Joshua

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Gallery: Waterfalls and Flowing Water

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Published: Sunday 11th of May 2008 07:55:44 PM


Larry Greenbaum
Kinlock Chute Nice motion in the water, but I'm more bothered with the blow out in the water itself than by the over exposure at top right. I had the same problem with blow out in the water at Iguazu Falls in Argentina. How does one avoid such blow out in water in mid day when this shot was taken? Unfortunately, we can't all shoot water at dawn or dusk. I even used a neutral density filter to no avail.

Joshua Szulecki
The solution is really to not shoot at mid-day. The truth is that I wasn't even expecting to find this waterfall, and this shot was mostly to document its existance. I should have gone back the next day at dawn, but I had already spent two days in Sipsey Wilderness in a row.

Joshua Szulecki
Kinlock Chute - Sipsey Wilderness Let me know what you think. I think the top right is way too overexposed.

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