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Published: Sunday 11th of May 2008 06:35:57 PM


James Baeza
Beautiful model John. The light on her is wonderful. I do find the linear chaos of the bookshelf distracting in this instance. It detracts from her smoothness and her lines. Also, her right foot is placed in an unfortunate cropping dilemma. Best regards. Jim.

Salvador Penaloza
Bravo ! Just lovely !!!!! / Spenaloza

Bob Kurt
:) WOW, superb!! Very sensual!!

Brad Kim
My hearty congratulations, John! I wish you would make many more wonderful images with her....!

John Peri
I will Brad, thanks !

Glenwood Sherry
Beautiful... John, Another very beautiful image of a very beautiful woman. The lighting and skin tones are a Master Class, and, of course, I am very fond of the casual settings that you often use; I feel that it gives an image a greater sense of immediacy. If I were to voice a critique, it would be in the cropping. I would have liked to have seen the right foot, and more of the left leg, to balance the amount of space above her head. Or cropped tighter, bringing the upper edge down to the head, and bringing the lower up to fully cut off the right foot. Small complaints, though, for it is a beautiful image, and a 6/6 from me. Glenwood

Costas Ellos
Many BRAVO's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David McCracken
A winner... Nothing much to say here John. It's a good one. Oh and, 'No!' the foot doesn't bother me.

John Peri
Thank you Stephen and the others .. yes, there will be more .. we work well together and have fun ..

Jim Phelps
John, I particularly like the colors. Shades of Green and a hint of Red and Orange. Jim Phelps

Janusz Taras
Beautiful and fresh composition.Excellent colors harmony.Best regards.Janusz.

Stephen Solomon
Hey, John! Lovely portrait. The softness and angle of light in this shot is beautiful upon your model. Nice even exposure even though there are slight shadows present. The warm colors of her skin, her garment and the chair work wonderfully together to compliment and set off her form and mood. So vibrant! She should be very pleased with your rendition of her. I look forward to your next shots of this beautiful woman.

John Peri
Thank you Costa. I think that means theoretically that I have given you a 7 in the recent past. Frankly, I have no recollection. I rate pictures for the value that I give them and not for who the author is. Frankly, I do not understand why we are given the opportunity to give 7's (however meangless they are per se), if we are then handicapped by the possibility to receive favourable ratings on our pictures. But really, all this is of no consequence. Many thanks for your patience and support. ohn

John Peri
How wonderful to have Glenwood back .. and to know he's ok, it's worth a thousand pictures! Sure I understand people's comments about the crop. I do have it in full frame too, and if I can get down to it, I may post it .. or another similar one. I guess I was taken by the expression and I wanted to move in close .. thank you so much everyone. This is a wonderful young lady that I met last week and we plan to do lots of work together. John

John Peri
It's a wonderful model that I met yesterday, thank you.

Ryan Russell
Simply Beautiful.

Costas Ellos
7/6 It is the third (or fourth?) time since I commented this photo, and I still can not rate, because of that "rated with a 7 in the last 14 days". I do not know if really that is so. Anyway ...

Alon Eshel
Natural and extremely sensual . The light and posing are excellent

Simone Falbo
Good ligths. I like the use of the ligths... Best regards, Simone.

Alec Ee
Love the composition. You never run out of beautiful models John.

John Peri
I'm glad you like the photo Alec, thanks. As regards the model however, I am sure you will agree that there are beautiful young ladies everywhere one looks ..

dimitris theodorikas
Wonderful photo & photomodel!

Kombizz Kashani
Very sensual feeling in the air!
and so many books on the shelves!

Sweid Sideris
Wandering your portfolio I found out this gem. It put a spell on me -Creedence dixit- and my imagination fly.

John Peri
Cha Cha ... ..

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