The Mocking Mural IV (Please click on photo to view larger.)

by Kelly Landrum

the mocking mural iv please click on photo to view canon ef f l usm ds mk kelly landrum

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Published: Friday 9th of May 2008 06:23:42 AM


Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
I think this is my fav of the 3 similar postings... interesting, Lannie...

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Sheryl. Thanks for visiting. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Again, as with the other versions, here is the original, (after being brightened by about three stops, but that is a long story). The shot posted for review was a "discovered" shot found upon processing the original. It was not the shot that I went out to take. I made a lot of mistakes on this one. --Lannie

Afshin Azizi Beautiful street shot. Great mood and the man has amazing looking to you. Regards

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Afshin. I was not originally trying to include him in the photo, but I decided to keep shooting as he passed. With the wide angle lens I had no idea what I was catching until I got home. That is one reason that I like lot of megapixels: one can blow up and crop almost beyond belief. I love your portrait work, by the way. --Lannie

Stanley Rogouski
Original The original is far superior to the crop. With the original photograph, it looks as if the man is part of the tableau. He's walking along with the rest of them, only he seems out of place. With the crop, it's not quite so clear.

Landrum Kelly
"With the original photograph, it looks as if the man is part of the tableux." Nope, I don't think so. (Were you perchance reaching for "tableaux" or "tableau"?) --Lannie

Stanley Rogouski
Spelling Corrected But I still like the full version better.

Landrum Kelly
Okay, Stan. Thanks for viewing and giving me your opinion. I might try something like that standing a bit closer to the wall next time--or perhaps with a different lens. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
The Mocking Mural IV This photo is perhaps a commentary on race relations, past and present, in Salisbury, North Carolina, where it was taken on April 2, 2008.


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