the end of the battle

by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

the end of battle nikon mm f af ed d horse arabian kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: end battle nikon 80-200mm f28 af ed nikon d200 horse arabian seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 23rd of April 2008 01:42:25 AM


Magdalena Campomenosi
A excellent impressive capture I find your photo in this mysterious website:

Thomas Powell
Absolutely Stunning What a fantastic capture.

Johanna Da Cruz
Wow....Wojtek, What a capture. The flared nostrils,the almost falling position, the dust and the ears upright as if listening to the click of your camera. Great shot! Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us.Warmest regards Johanna from SouthAfrica.

Teresa Zafon
Excellent shot, like most of your work.

Richard Harris
Im in two minds abuot weather the processing is just a tad overdone, or just right. I think ill love it for now, simply because its an excellent photo even without the time spent processing it... which is to my taste regardless. Very nice indeed. Keep up the excellent work. Best regards, Rich

Jesus Gil
Dangerous? That's dangerous?, very, very.

Dave DeJoode
Simply GREAT. 7/7

Robert Casey
beautiful shot

Veronica Anderton
I love the action in this image. I would like to see a glimmer in the horse's eye and a hint of light on it's ears but the action makes up for that. I would love to be the owner of this image.

Satheesh Nair
Superb capture Wojtek! Please visit and comment/rate at liesure.

Glauco Dattini
Great capture.Congrats.Glauco.(7/7 anonymous)

Nassos Zambaras
7/7 Superb in every respect. Bravo!

AmirAli Sharifi
Stunning photo.

Halina Lewandowski
Outstanding shot. Congrats.

Huseyin Gurses
That's really 7/7. I just want to frame and put it on the wall. Congrats.

Ahmet Gurses
Hi Vojtek. ... EXCELLENT ... Congrats.

Lanny Harrison
GREAT photo!!!!!!

Ben Pajuczok
Excellent photo.

Carole Hibbert
I really enjoy your work and come back to your page time and again. I love the movement and the powerful energy projected in this image, however I do have a tiny litte nit and that is that there is no catch-light in the horse's eye. Nevertheless, superb image! Rgds Carole

S Tamson
Excellent Incredible good capture,congratulation.

Ionita Razvan
The momment you catch... it's wonderful

Zaneta Miderska
Wojtku Twoje prace sa rewelacyjne te konie zyja i maja w sobie moc Ferrari !!! Doskonale !

fotodziadek slawekw
Cudne Wojtku :)

Gustavo Garcia
Unique moment. Very well captured. Impressive!!! Thanks for sharing your photo. Regards.

Stefan Ambrus
Hello My mom loves horses and i also tried to capture some good pictures with her horse , but it was harder than i imagined, i guess that what im trying to say is Congratulations.Stefan Ambrus.

PNF Photography
Always impressive I sure enjoy your amazing equine work.

Frank Søe
Waouw... looks just like a painting

Linh Dinh
Great composition, lovely colors, excellent image! Best regards.

Michel Derksen
This is really fantastic! Extremely well captured moment!

John Tyler
brilliant The horse seems like a beautiful painting until you realize.... Holy crap this is real...nicely done sir!

Raoul Paolo Foroni
Bellissima foto e stupendo animale!

Sarah Austin
End of Battle Absolutly stunning! Looks like a painting. I love it!

Paal Bentdal
Wow. Nice shot.

Hugo C. Romano
7/7 wow !!! what a beautiful shot !!! Congrats !!!

jamey Price
What a beautiful photo. As a horseman, I think you captured the power and brute force a horse posses wonderfully.

Emmanuelle Gerber
Wow ... Excellent horse photo. Congrats

Allan Wallberg
Excellent shot, very good capture.

Robert Brower
treborb The unique quality of a horse is its inherent power, spirit, grace and strength. You manage to capture it all Your photos of horses are the best I have seen Thanks for sharing your images

Debashis howlader
salute this is a capture what i always want but i can't! great!!

Goran Kalanj
Beautiful work !

Madeleine Calaido Weber
truly stunning, dramatic and elegant! a gem!

Johan Jooste
Action What strikes me of your photos is that the animals stand out from a very even, uncluttered background and many of them have very good action captured.

POWERFULLY.... Stunning !

Parjan Cipta
Magnificent Takes my breath away… I am gasping for air…...thanks! :o) Perfect photograph

michael greco
end of the battle amazing image!

Mari R
Bravo! Beautiful, great moment, one of a kind, congratulations, Wojtek, excellent!

Michael Stewart
What a fantastic, dramatic shot! Absolutely Beautiful!

Martín Guerrero-Vértiz
a powerful shoot! a beautiful and powerful moment captured masterfully, it seems that the horse will jump from the frame...congrats

jerry mac
Deity No other word to discribe it. Such a captivating moment. This animal invokes a sense of being gloried , existing on a higher realm . A photo for the ages, your claim to fame.

Emma Parra
Exceletn shoot acomplished of cool textures. and colors . Well done

tommi b
powerful many other pictures from you. congratulations

Nina Stene
Absolutely stunning! Wonderful shot, and beautiful horse. Do you often get to work with arabians and andalusians?

Mohamad B. Kamrani
Very beautiful,excellent capture,wonderful scene,thanks a lot.

Maureen Kovacs
Your photo gallery of Arabians are simply stunning. I live in Scottsdale, AZ, the Arabian mecca, and try like hell to get a decent shot of Arabians at the show. You photos look like paintings and almost three dimensional. How did you do that?

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful capture, beatiful light

Vladimir Meshkov
7\7 Belissimo

Igor Leonidovich Mestman

Thumbs up.

jorge fernandez

Fascination desicive moment on that Henri Cartier Bresson will celebrate!

Leo Burkey
Wojtek You have captured and frozen an absolutely magnificent animal at his peak. Outstanding!

Mohamed El Ashi

Breathtaking image

Raymond Banfield

This is a beautiful capture! Excellent DOF.  I would hang this in my house anyday..Ray

sue tye

Another wonderful shot Wojtek.... KR Sue 

Ali Rezaeian

Best of U , MAX



Wojtek Kwiatkowski
... Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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