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Published: Tuesday 22nd of April 2008 03:12:02 PM


Peter Bajzek
Hi, John, I just got home from a brutal but constructive critique session, so I hope you'll take no offense if I carry some of that over to your image. Obviously the model is strikingly beautiful, though the light on her body is rather flat compared to much of your work. The door frame-as-framing device is an intriguing idea, but I feel the room beyond is too bright- if it were less detailed there might be more of a sense of entering into a mysterious place (which obviously would play into her body language). As it stands, the domestic clutter is too visible, and distracts from a setup which could otherwise be quite engaging. All of this is said with positive intentions and respect. Best regards.

David McCracken
Fine I think the issue with contrast is simply due to the colour of the model's hair being similar to the door frame. (Maybe someone has said that already.) The picture of the model is fine (flat lighting or not.) Door frames on the other hand are notoriously difficult to photograph as can be seen here! Good one nonetheless.

John Peri
Peter, thank you for your very constructive comment. To start with, the image is a little flat ((interestingly, the doorway more than the model who was positioned further forwards in the light). I have been away largely from PN for a few weeks. Busy travelling in the US and with other work, also unable to access my page on PN for over a week due to some technical difficuties with my page. Consequently, I just posted this photo straight from the original jpeg without really trying to improve it. Now to return to fundamentals, our opinions will probably vary on this subject. I am personally all in favour of "clutter", irrespective of the qualities or lack of them of this photo. My premise is whenever possible to include a model into her surroundings and only rarely to photograph her with a clean white or black background. A woman doesn't live behind a paper panel, whereas a lot of my photography is candid and I take what is hapenning at the moment. I find it looks less artificial than what some people produce in more studio-like settings. Others may prefer one or the other, which is just fine, how boring if we all did and liked the same thing. As for my doorway, the only one I possess on a 5x4 meter balcony which I have photographed until nauseum, I very often find it is more photogenic than my models. I find it an easy subject which serves to frame the model. For once here, I even got it straight (though I would prefer a little more frame above and to the right)! Very occasionally, I change the colour, usually not. Whether any particular photo turns out well or is pleasing or not is up to the viewer. I'm delighted to receive your views on this subject whenever it turns up, thank you. Now I'll go see if I can find the photo and improve the contrast .. oh, the lighting by the way is just daytime on the balcony .. the shine isn't flash this time, it's beach oil and reflection. If it turns out to have been worthwhile, I'll post a new version below ... Another thought. it's very hot around the mediterranean in summer, which means that we most often take photos in the evening after the beach. The light is low on the horizon .. leads to full aperture and relatively flat images too. It adds an interesting flavour sometimes though ..

John Peri
Thanks to both of you. No problem with not liking this one Jim, as I have said so often, there are so many photos of my own that I do not like particularly, I'm really interested in the critique (ha, someone took up my phrase recently in his bio!). Joe, it would be easy to add some contrast, maybe also play with the curves a little to get some of the detail you mention. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it .. but the book has already gone to print ... next time I edit it then ... :-)

John Peri
Actually, it was yours essentially .. thanks again Jim ...

Jim Phelps
John, I agree with Jim Wrightwood about the contrast. The lack of contrast sends my eye directly to her eyes and then my eye does not want to move from her face. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Books Jeff, thanks! The reference to my first book is on my profile page. The second one of my friend Gaia above should be ready in around 7-10 days. Many thanks for the interest. Given the witholding fees, taxes and banking charges, I have calculated that if I ever sell one book, I will owe the company one euro! After that, I will make around 3 euros a book. Ha ha .. my dream is to make enough to send each of the 9 girls in these two books (eight in the first, one in the second) a copy to each, but that seems highly unlikely at this stage!

Joe Gallagher
She is certainly worthy of a book, as are many of your other models as well. All of the elements are here to make this a 'Peri'; the colors are delightfully complementary, the stunning model in a pose that speaks directness, independance, and totally sensuality. And the look of the hair; I don't understand how it always works but it does. Thanks to both of you. What's the title of the book, "Red"?

James Baeza
Hi John. The contrast comment was mine as well. I like the image. I would find it hard not to. Just not as exceptional as some of your other work. You've set a high bar for yourself, and others. Myself included. I also appreciate critiques good or bad. The time others take to do so is a gift I have been fortunate to receive. Regards, Jim

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition.Beautiful model pose.John;thank you very much.Regards.Janusz.

jaq b
queen of diamonds bravo.

James Baeza
Hi John. I am not sure about this one. Again, the colours are wonderful and she of course is beautiful. I think there could be a touch more contrast within her torso. The detail there seems to be lacking. Her areola as well have gotten lost in the highlights in my opinion. I think it is the lack of any shadow on her body I am missing here. Her pose is sultry and if I may say, sexy. Kudos to her. My apologies for the clinical critique. Best regards as always. Jim.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful! John. alberto

Jeff Horlacher
Book? You are doing a book? Great! How do we purchase it? Great image, John. Thanks for your work.

James Baeza
Interesting observation Jim. With a slightly tighter crop that could work well. Maybe even a square crop just above her belly button. John always does capture the eyes.

Stephen Solomon
Yeah, the door frame could use a little attention! As far as the model and the photographer, both are well oiled machines!!!!!!! Fantastic imagery, excellent pose and attitude, excellent lighting. What else can a photographer ask for??? Keep up the great work, John. You've established an envious position. Just one detail,... the mole. It seems to migrate from side to side. Flipping the image??? Steve

John Peri
Thanks Stephen. I cloned her, so I keep one model home and another on my vacation spot .. :-)

Barbu Cristian
Very nice! Regards and good luck!

Michael Meneklis
Naked beauty by John.

John Peri
Doorway I have just completed a book devoted to my good friend G above. Around 200 photos taken in all kinds of familiar settings ...

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