Her World

by Bova Dina

her world nikon dx vr d bova dina seeki

Gallery: Children's World

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Category: Family

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Published: Sunday 20th of April 2008 09:17:02 AM


Alon Eshel
Very interesting scene well composed . I love the angle of shooting

Tero P.
Dina Interesting and very good POV. Kind of a sad mood but i guess you were after that.

Laura Goulding
very interesting shot, great composition. care to share the story behind it? Laura

Dina Bova
story :-) The shot was taken in floating island in Peru in lake Titikaka, there's no land, the island is made of the sugar-cane, on which the girl is standing... This world looked facinating to me and I wanted to show through the eyes of that local little girl standing there...

Ray Brizzi
Strong shot. The point of view is the key, as your title says.

igor herceg
very strong photo,respect

Jim Brandano
Story telling I really like this image and your point of view adds so much to the image..great work.

Michel Latendresse
Very powerful photo. The low angle and the composition placing the child in central location emphasises her vulnerability. The sepia monochrome is a good choice for this documentary portrait as it reduces distractions from strong colors and draw the attention to the child. Really well done - michel

Amy Pang
Good work.

Katerina Leong
This is a story-telling picture. Very nice.

Fotinos Katsaounis
Strong image, also graphically very effective.

Israel Osterman
Very interesting scene . I love the angle of shooting

Vicki Passmore
7/7 What a strong image. I love the tones and the emotional tug at your heart when you look at the little girl.

Dina Bova
Children's World Thank you for your feedback

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