Nude 32 color variant

by Kartelin Rudolf

nude color variant seeking critique kartelin rudolf

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Tags: 32 color nude variant seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 19th of April 2008 07:14:10 PM


Erik Adams
I like both this one and the B&W version, for different reasons. The skin tones and red fabric are excellent in this, and in the B&W, it's more about the shapes. Nice work.

Magnus King
Very nice When most people see nude photographs they think "Porn". When I look at this i think "humane".

Fran Garcia

Bob Kurt
Photo of the week!

Alf Caruana
wonderfull work rudolf, i love the colors and the curves created. well done

black toe
where is nipple? wonderful pic, but i like to see the nipple!

Amitai Schwartz
Great lighting, pose, color and model.

Lauren Partida
Beautiful composition, a lovely nude, indeed! lauren

Tomaso Nigris
very balnced composition

Salvador Penaloza
Super ! Wonderful work , excellent // Salvador

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful work, how did you do?

Ken Barrett
Great pose , nice image

David Allan
Pose ?! It is not her pose that is distracting, but her pefect bottom !

Andreas Wiegand
absolutes artwork! vg awi

Mohammad Reza Hoorjandi
Mohammad Reza Hoorjandi it's a strange focus , nice face and body.

Joan Niqui Roman
guauu! amazing portrait, intimista ,original and very nice compo. my 7/7, best regards.

Harry Joseph
The Bomb ! I don't usually comment on nudes, but this one is an exception. 7/7 !

Haleh Bryan
Her pose is distracting. I wish the intend was more sensual.

Milan Scepanovic
Great light and.... everything

Kombizz Kashani
nice relax pose with more to view

Steven Levine
Another strikingly beautiful picture.

Ilkka Kallio
Wonderfull work. Best regards Ilkka

Sweid Sideris
Her pose distracting? Lack of sensuality?? Oh my dear god! (just in case he does exists) I though that I am wrong, it is possible that I am a blind one, but... Just a piece of art, as a photography and as a human creation!

Dener Martins

Wonderful photo! Well done!!

Rudolf Kartelin
Nude 32 color variant

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