Exciting ballet # 6

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Thursday 17th of April 2008 10:48:38 AM


Saeid Faramarzy
hi it's different and I like it.

Jenny Catron
I like the lighting, but I think it might have been more effective to get a little light under the eyes.

Miguel Pappan
visionary stuff, compadre....

Bob Kurt
The gold medal is for you

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Hi Igor Wonderful photo, Igor. Beautiful composition, light and model. Excellent. Regards, Chico do Vale.

Al Bowling

My only critique...and I am not a certified professional.  But to make the image truly remarkable (keep in mind this is only my humble opinion)  I would have the ballerina turn her head to her right slightly and to tilt her chin up a bit so the shadows under her eyes are not so deep.  Even with out those changes this is a marvelous image that clearly emphasizes not only the physique of the dancer, but also implies the sacrifices made and dedication involved in attaining her current condition.


Igor Amelkovich
Exciting ballet # 6 Pleasant viewing to you. www.amelkovich.com

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