JP F236

by Peri John

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Published: Monday 22nd of April 2002 07:39:29 PM


Regina Chayer

Lovely It is very modern! I like it a lot..

Jerry Matchett
Great Effect & Great Pose Truly modern art!

John Peri
Luca, many thanks for your comment. If you notice however, the body is "truncated" also. The whole point was to make the picture resemble a detached part of a bronze statue.

rainer wsn
this is modern art in photographic!

Tony Samples
This appears very modern from the technology alone. I'd have to rate its appeal as very classic. That could be an ancient goddess we're looking at. With or without the effects (which I like) this would be a great photo.

Luca Baldassarre
I agree with all the others that this is a truly beautiful modern photo, but i dont like that her right arm is so truncated.

Nabil El Aïd El Othmani
B&W B&W anyone? Excellent work John, the texture is fascinating.

Philip Turner
Inspired Departure Really like the end result of this kind of image. Transforming of what was a very solid original image I'm sure. This transforms the image beyond mere nudity for nudity's sake and really starts to suggest more possibilities within our own definition of beauty. Thought provoking image in any regard.

John Peri
Glad you liked it Steve. The full bodied version is here ...

Steve Broyles
Wow! great work. Looks like an advanced metals technique (mokume) used in jewelry production. Can't really tell what crops her at the hip: clothes or photoshop, but I think I would prefer to have seen the additional curve flow off the edge of the frame.

Victoria Pettersen
Wonderful! 3D-ish! Amazing texture! :)

John Peri

How generous and kind my friend, thank you very much. I cannot hide my pleasure at reading such words, however unfounded they may be .. :-)

The truth is that I am often very much of an experimental photographer, sometimes things work out, other times they are too embarrassing to show .. :-)  .. I think the important thing is to have fun. If sometimes others can enjoy the process too, so much the better.

Best wishes, John

Taz Rahman

You are certainly one of the top nude photographers in this site so a certain level is always expected and assured. Yet, there are times when you choose to exceed that expectation through such interesting ideas that one can't help wondering and salivating over what is coming out next from your darkroom. Well done again John.

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