JP F227

by Peri John

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Published: Monday 22nd of April 2002 07:24:19 PM


david wilcock
biography having looked at john's photos before, after only just now reading his biography i wish this had accompanied my prior views. firstly it is a remarkable specialisation pursued with commitment. secondly it clarifies a unique air about his pictures i couldn't put my finger on. that they are really all about the model, and mean a lot more than interesting patterns of light on skin.

John Peri
No ... I don't shoot men!! Thanks for some useful comments.

Haris Subacius
Orientation This is the first time that a portrait in horizontal frame struck me like this one. The instant reaction was that you must have forgotten to rotate the picture, but you have not! Wonderful idea up to your usual technical standards. Several comments: First, shadows from the flash are a bit distracting (on the sweater as well as on the body, not so much on the face). Digitally remove them??? Second, the orientation of the face is not perfectly horizontal. Rotating the image a couple of degrees CW would make the impact more pronounced! Finally, at least on my screen, there's a lack of detail in the hair. Beautiful image otherwise!!! I must also say that all of your models are increadibly beautiful women! Ever shot men?

Christopher Shuey
I think a little bit lighter background or a light to accent her hair would have given the picture a popping off the page look. Your work overall is pretty amazing. I really enjoy it.

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