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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 22nd of April 2002 06:29:30 PM


Ri┬ęk Vincent
Voyeuristic This shot almost looks unplanned. The nudity that is. The blouse looks like it kind of just fell open as she leaned forward. Some of the best photography we see on this site begs this question, "Was it planned or was it chance?"

Bart .
sensible I like the composition and I find her expression highly sensitive and sweet. You almost want to tip up her face and look her in the eye. delightful!!

John Peri
Rick, almost none of my pictures are really "planned". Since I do a lot of "glamour" photography, the nudity or semi-nudity is an understanding reached beforehand with the models. Then, things just seem to happen.....

David Barstow
Very nice composition and color. This is a wonderful example of the tasteful use of partial nudity as an element of design.

Bart .
Can anyone explain why some of the ratings are so low? Is it lighting, composition, expression??I think this photo deserves better. I am eager to learn from you people (that's why I joined this community) so please enlighten me:) (of course I will still like her expression and the repeated round curves in this photo anyway) regards

Stik K
Yellow shirt against black background works very well. And, the model's facical expression/tilt and the eyes looking down provide nice drama to this picture. (I am undecided about her breast showing in this picture; even without it showing, this picture is sensual)

John Peri
Thanks Bruce, finally someone speaks out for a bit of originality. I am often confounded by people that tell me I should have done this or that. By what criterium? If everyone did the same thing, our work would be monotonous and boring. That being said, I know very little about "technique" personally. I just try to capture some of my models' charisma.

Bruce Jones
For "Bart" Bart - I think the whole ratings thing is more or less just a way of people expressing their own ideas and comparing what they like personally to what the individual photographer has accomplished. In short, the rating really doesn't mean much and even in a short time I think I have recently decided to dispense with doing them myself. Comments are another matter. They give more meaningful information. I also like this photo just fine as is. Other people have different tastes as to the elements of lighting, pose and composition so may feel differently. For example, some like to rigidly follow the classic rule of thirds or the golden mean while others are more expressive. I prefer work where the photographer finds his/her own voice and it matters not if they follow any particular rule. My main criteria is if it strikes me as good. But, I have studied, worked in and taught art and photography for over 40 years and so what I find attractive may not agree with what others think or feel; and art is about feeling, isn't it?

Edward Slonaker
I agree, the ratings "system" on is flawed and really shouldn't be the do-all by which photos should be judged. John, I've gone through most of your folders and find your level of glamour photography exceptional. The way you marry a certain candidness with design is such I find lacking in a lot of other photos I've seen, both here and published. With regards to this photo: there's a bit a 'graininess' that makes me want to think you added a PS filter to it (perhaps a watercolor?). Most likely it's just the .jpg compression that's playing with my eyes (not to mention the subject). Keep up the great work, John. I hope to see your photos published somewhere soon.

Steve Bingham
Ya just gotta love this!

David Bradley
She appears to be a bit shy...but also perhaps with a hint of liberatioin on her face...

John Peri
Thank you Ann.

Mido Seth
LOVE IT. I don't know why! Maybe it is because it is a strange situation for the girl, but yet she seems so peacfull. Great work.

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