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Published: Tuesday 8th of April 2008 12:18:17 PM


Ruben A. Silva

Frank Roberts
Simple and Elegant Nice light, nice model Superb shot. Very Well Done! I love the tint.

Alon Eshel
I fined it really beautiful . The studio work is excellent , Great light and posing . Superb color tone

Octavian Radu Topai
Very good image! What is written there?

Chris Percival
Beautiful artistry with the tattoo. Great lighting but I may have not emphasized the face so much.

Kombizz Kashani
nice capture - what is the translation?

Craig Rivota
Nice photo but...

What in the hell does it say? Could be very raunchy or crude for all we know. I need a translation please.



Yevgeniy Matveyev

It's beautiful. Congratulation.

Michael Allen
what it says

I am beautiful

Dag Hecht
Tattoo comments welcome

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