Forgotten Fairytales

by Zhang Jingna

forgotten fairytales seeking critique zhang jingna

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Published: Tuesday 8th of April 2008 12:52:27 AM


Ognian Radoslavov
RRRRRRRRRRR I like the moment with the dress hire

Mark Brigham
Good IMO, good but some of your other shots are better. Positives: Juxtaposition of this stunning beauty against the trashed out surroundings. Says a lot about how her date might have gone. Negatives: I find the composition a little flat--nearly straight on, with main subject dead center, and the window frame angles so perfectly aligned. Composition succeeds at a certain level--a lonely figure surrounded by bleakness--I just find it a little flat. Overall, nice portfolio. You have a gift.

Haleh Bryan
I remember commenting on this image on MM. One of my absolute favourites!

Sangre Kim
beautiful is the only word i can think of..

Kate Callahan
perfectly lovely

Giovanni Tilotta

Marina Situmorang

Bob Kurt
Photo of the week!

Ghulam Yasin
Very nice photo .

Kevin Munday
Excellent The contrast of the building surface with the model and dress is exceptional. As well as the muted tones of the building against the models skin colour, my only criticism would be the lower part of the legs which Ithink may have benefitted from more exposure to bring the tone more in line with the upper part

Eric Phan-Kim
Very good shot. Two details if I'm picky: the wall that we see through the window is too bright especially near the legs, and the feet should be outside the window frame instead of inside.

Sonia Mason
Wow. Brilliant contrast of shapes, textures and tones. Wonderful concept, beautifully done.

Ivan De Rossi
Amazing work... Reagard Ivan

Iryna Smolych
7/7 Very beautiful!

MsJudi Stevenson
Jingna very beautiful... i love it! blessings, ms Judi

Dave DeJoode

Ilze Lucero
bravo... excellent image

Anatoly Smelkov
Thanks for fairy feeling. It's great like every other picture in your portfolio, Jingna.

Filiz Aksoy

Doug Gentry
winddow light.... Striking and Captivating! Excellent!

Iker Iglesias
Uuuffffff Fantastic idea, very nicely executed Jingna. I love it. Best wishes, and congrats. Iker

Sarah Tehranian
NICE figure and designs! a little exposure in some parts!

nitin b
love it

Octavian Radu Topai
Very good composition and message.

Nevil Zaveri
7/7 wonderful compostion evoking perfect dreamy feeling and fantasy of those childhood fairy tales. simply great shot. regards, nevil

Tashi Dolma Hinz
What a nice picture, but also very sad.

Sebastian Seng
I like the concept, the way the textures of the wall are in contrast with the soft fabric of her dress, and the details in the foreground with the "debris". Lovely image.

Ingram van Heerden
Forgotten Fairytales 7/7... truly a breathtaking photo! Great portfolio all round probably my favourite!

Sauciuc Gabriela
just wonderful!

Dianne Owen
A beautifully sad image the wreckage of love. Says it so well. di

Garrick Wheeler
7/7 Perfect, just... Perfect... Wow

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Jingna . Very interesting your composition .

Vasco Abranches
Wonderful!!!!!!! amazing Picture!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugo C. Romano
excellent work !!!!

Shea Riggenbach
Gorgeous! Sad but sensual...

roberto stella
wow one of the best pictures i've ever seen

Marita Toftgard

Brilliant work

absolutely first class


PS love a fairytale



Jingna Zhang
Forgotten Fairytales she believed and held on, to everything that was once promised, everything that would be, fading away...

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