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Published: Sunday 6th of April 2008 07:08:49 PM


Tanya Truong
Photonet is not the same... without you and your artwork, John. I've had problems viewing your website for last few days, and i thought that was strange. Welcome back, my dear. Your models always the subject of admiration. What a sweet pose in this photo. Congrads, Tanya.

John Peri
How sweet Tanya, thank you. Everything is back to normal, normal for me being the possiblity to open my "workshop page" one day in three or four, but at least I can get there now. It may be my fault, I have much too many photos in my file, but I use it a storage source .. otherwise, I have to search through different disks and chapter headings to refer to any photo ...

Antonio Bassi
Beautiful work John. I love the color palette well contrasted by the black. Excellent skin tone and perfect lighting on the abdomen and the hips that enhances the curves of the model. Nice melancholic look. Regards

Dawn Howe
hello the color and lighting are excellent but i think the hat throws it off for me amber

jim paire
JOHN you sure do have nice friends. jim

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful!!! Alberto

Joe Gallagher
Your model's pose is exquisite! Her expression and glance; her hair, her left leg and her right hand, and her posture are so naturally placed and balanced. She really knows what she is doing. (And the hat gives me a smile.) I love the earth tones of the entire photo, including the model herself, and how they complement each other. Beautiful picture! Thanks to both of you.

Ioannis Lukas
excellent framing and pose, regards! /janis lukas

Francois Benveniste
Good one For the curves, surely, but also for the glance and this door that stands out of nowhere

John Peri
It's so nice to feel one has some friends. I hope to meet you both sometime. Some of the other wonderful people that I have met from Photo net include Bill Roges, Robert Farnham, Chris Niels ..... there are a couple of other guys too that might become more human if I can manage to have a coffee with them one day ... :-)

Bob Kurt
Superb ! ..very sexy!

James Baeza
Beautiful image here. The lines and colours are spot on. If you are ever in LA coffee is one of my favorite past times.

Vittorio Pellazza
Beautiful play of curves, always natural.

Alessandro Della Casa
Always great ....

Janusz Taras
Beautiful composition John.Regards.

Jim Phelps
John, The colors make this foto for me. All of the colors are very tonal. This matches the model's pose very well. She appears to be very versatile when it comes to creating new looks. Jim

Michael S. Maddox
Wonderful Composition John, I really like the composition of this photograph. The graceful curved lines of the model contrast wonderfully with the strong verticals of the door and doorway. I also like the simplicity of the colors... relatively few colors, with a nice mixture of cool and warm hues... all subtly accentuated by the soft lighting. For me, the overall simplicity and gracefulness really make this shot. Beautifully done, both by you and the model! -Michael

John Peri
Great Jim, people watching is one of mine too .. we could combine the two ... though I never doubted your humanity .. :-)

John Peri
Thanks Jim. She is indeed exceptional. I am in the process of editing a book of her photos .. almost finished actually ..

Jim Phelps
John, I agree with Tanya, Photo.net would not be the same without you. I was also unable to access your site for the last several days. Jim

Meir Samel
John, You know of course that I admire your work. If there is something about these that does not seem exactly right it is the cut on the bottom that you make instead of full figured. Most of these as in this one I do not see where full figured would be a problem -sometimes yes.

Michael Meneklis
Fine composition with a very beautiful model and lighting.PS. I feel sad that I missed my friends of PN for a long time, because of some discopathy problems.

Alon Eshel
Very good photo , Excellent curve/line Her posing remind me of a scene from the movie " The Night Porter (1974)"

John Peri
She has big feet ... :-) Joking Meir thanks for passing by ... actually, I think it's largely a matter of impact .. should full frame have more interest than not, or just detail come to that? I usually take quite a few images of any given scene and then choose what I think looks best. It's very subjective of course, but then this is our work. I can't reach into my other hard disk at the moment, but I'm sure I have a full frame of this too and I'll try and post it later .. this is the one that struck me at any rate.

W J Gibson
somehow very 60s

John Peri
She ..

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