The Perplexed Fisherman (Fishing Season Closed)

by Crosley John

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Published: Thursday 3rd of April 2008 07:18:30 PM


Einar Landre
You have captured a man in his right surroundings here. A very good shot. Einar

Adan Wong
And I though he was pondering upon the "catch" of the day. Nice effective framing and expression. He seems to turn his back from "Cecilia".

Chris Panagiotidis
Wonderfuly composed and framed (candid?) portrait giving a clear idea about this man's world. Without your description,one could think he's in very high moods.Compliments, Chris

John Crosley
Chris P. The fellow workers say that this guy is a little disabled, if you get my drift. Actually, here he is contemplating 'going and getting drunk' if I recall well (and I do). So, the gleam in his eye is from thoughts of substituting a little imbibing instead of hard work. I find this foreign to my experience/I never looked forward to drinking a lot, but for some people,that is all they can dream of. He's apparently one. You are right about an ambiguous expression. If the fishing season were to have opened on schedule, that boat behind him would have its work finished/the seller complained that the buyer also was mired in drink, or it would be finished. I can't judge that (this is not the owner; it's another person). Lots of drugs and alcohol down by the docks, or so I understand. But these guys never touch my equipment and nothing seems in danger of disappearing, maybe because of some comraderie among them and good feelings towards me. Thanks for the helpful feedback. John (Crosley) P.S. I chose this because of the 'balance' in its framing, and also for his 'expression' -- hand on beard, which is 'normal' for this guy (and common for many with beards). Best, jc

John Crosley
Einar L. This is very much the type of guy you'll find hanging around commercial fishermen/fisheries/fishing boats who are not owners of the vessels. This kind of guy is back and a pair or strong hands (with a weakness for alcohol), and he's the kind of guy who's good for a seasonal occupation, like fishing, and then when it's over, he can live a long time on a big payday, then find a hole to crawl in (provided he doesn't drink it all away). His scraggliness tells a story; that and the textures of his shirt, arm, and face with whiskers and scraggly hair seem to match the boat, don't they? Thanks for the compliment and taking time to leave your impression. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Adan W This was my 'catch of the day'. I like the textures of this one, where he has the texture of the boat behind him (which he does not own/people told me he didn't own anything of consequence -- just a worker who's there sometimes if you can find him, but he's usually 'around'.) Nice enough guy, though, made a good subject, and for that I can't denigrate. I'd photograph him again if the need arose for a guy like him - he is cooperative and a good enough fellow (just don't let him go wandering down to the saloon.) Amazingly enough, one guy pulled up in his car before leaving (a former fishing boat owner), and asked this guy if he needed money, and then asked '$10 enough?, and the guy took it. Then the former owner said 'na, let's make it $20 . . . ' and took the $10 bill back and gave him a $20 bill. (our guy had said he was going drinking.) I guess that's universal language down at the docks. 'Going drinking now requires $20 -- he didn't even ever ask. It was just understood that he needed some money -- so here it is . . . . I wish the world would treat me that way (with money). Yeah, I like the framing very much; turned out better than I hoped, along with the textures. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
The Perplexed Fisherman (Fishing Season Closed) 'All Dressed Up (so to speak) and nowhere to go.' This California fisherman ponders the recent closing of the Pacific Salmon season, for which he has waited a year. Scarcity of ocean-run Pacific salmon have caused authorities to close the commercial fishing season this year, leaving him jobless. Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your superior photographic knowledge to help improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! John

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