JP F220

by Peri John

jp f photography portrait nudes artistic glamour nude j peri john

Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Sunday 21st of April 2002 05:54:27 PM


gio rau
a very nice idea

Stephanie Oswald
I really like this picture. It feels really sexy! And I like the fact that we don't see more of the body of the woman. It's really good!

Thomas Reilly
Triangles and Curves But for whatever reason, tatoo or not, it is very different and finely processed.

John Peri
I hate to admit this, but the only reason I took this photo is because she asked me to photograph her tattoo ..!!

Bob Grimm
Triangles and curves. Beautiful composition. I especially like the way the curve of the pillow and the angle of her left leg lead to the focal point and complement the repeating triangles. It would be closer to perfection without the tattoo. Great shot.

Paolo Cozzaglio
really the best of the folder!

andrew callahan
i love the abstraction and the angles. very tight. did you tweak her left calf in Pshop?

John Peri
.... No, she didn't have an operation either !

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