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untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Wednesday 2nd of April 2008 07:23:40 PM


Estudio Chapin
As expected, beautifully simple work from the master.

Ion Viorel
Very erotic photo. More than a nude. The intuition of the body under that dress is fantastic. a very good photo. Congratulations!

James Baeza
John, Pleasing image. Fleeting moment? Still thinking about it. Lovely. Best Regards, Jim

James Baeza
Removing the shadow or changing the background for that matter would detract from the image in my opinion. It is the somewhat "candid" nature of this image that makes it pleasing to my eye.

Alberto Quintal
John. Lovely, always beautiful. Alberto

John Peri
Many thanks to all, glad you likd it. Yes Daniel, I think that's it. We capture what we see and people show us what they want to ... the two together is what creates the magic. Women are the most beautiful thing? .. hum .. there is the sky and the ocean too .. :-)

Janusz Taras
Excellent erotic fragrance.Beautiful composition and model pose,/very natural/.My best regards.Janusz.

Daniel Henrik Hogal
for art.. How I seen you can really catch the charm of girls.. It shows your portfolio too. It's a really big gift becouse the girl do not give it only if she wants it so much! So yes you were right.. we are giving a perspective with which we can identify. Every photographer has an own way of looking at things your way is the girls.. nice way:)the girls are the most beautiful things in all over the universe my best wishes: Daniel

Raymond Longaray
Great portrait and very original pose. Good lightning. Raymond Longaray

Lennart Goldmann
The rest is in the eye of the beholder ... Very suggestive! Regards Lennart

John Peri
a very interesting comment Jim. Thank you for spending the time and for giving so much thought to it. I am often drawn between leaving backgrounds as they are, with the risk of distraction as you say, or in chosing ones that do not interfere with the subject. It would take less than a couple of minutes to remove the one here as you can imagine, but I chose to leave it because both the pose and gesture are more close to what is natural than what it would be had it been a formal setup. Unless you happen to fall on someone while holding a camera (which often does occur as well of course), there is always some form of formality and corresponding change that comes over the subject when you take a series of photos of them. I think that to photogragh them in as much a normal setting as is possible reduces this somewhat. This does not reflect on the excellent studio work that many including yourself do regularly, it's just a different style. As for shadows, more often than not I will leave them or even encourage them also because I find that they create depth and perspective. All forms creates shadows, they are a part of our natural existence too and people (not you of course) that gleefully point them out as "faults" I find have a very narrow perspective to life and photography. Thanks for passing by again Jim, I appreciate it. PS. I am in the process of putting together a book of photos of this young ladyfriend/model.

Alec Ee
You always get the cream of the crop John.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan I really like the light, fresh feel you have captured here - nicely done John.

Alon Eshel
More sensual than any full nude photo , Wonderful

Bob Kurt
Great again!!

Jim Phelps
John, Good foto. The pose is both interesting and unusual. The interplay between the dress/negligee pattern and her skin is fantastic, both the color and the pattern of the dress complement/contrast with her skin. I am not sure if the background adds or detracts from the model. While it gives minimal contrast, it is still visible. The B&W background against the color subject definitely separates the foto into 2 distinct planes, and the slight shadow on the wall behind gives the background a slightly abstract flair. This causes the eye to go between the model and the background. From my perspective, this makes the image more about form/composiition than most of your work and (in my experience) is difficult to do well. My compliments to you both, especially to her on the facial expression and hand placement. Jim Phelps

Costas Ellos
I love architectural details ! I feel like expecting her to come out of my screen !! Many thanks for your last comment. Best regards - Costas

Massimo Santoni
sensual and delicate as in your unmistakable style!!

Beng J.
Amazing shot, very natural, sexy without showing too much.

John Peri
My friend "G" .. ..

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